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What Wil You Be Like as a Parent?

The path to parenthood might be bumpy but worth the ride.

If you’re trying to conceive and spending a lot of your time just waiting around, why not take the opportunity to actually think about yourself as a parent. What will you be like as a mommy? How will he be as a daddy? What do you hope for your children?

Many parents don’t actually take the time to think about parenthood. Now that you have some time, imagine how you actually want to raise your children. It’s okay to think and imagine your future children because by the time you actually get pregnant, you might not have time to mentally prepare as much.

During your next two-week-wait, sit down and chat with your partner about your future as parents. Maybe you’ll actually find out something new about your husband/partner (like he actually wants six children and he wants them all to be doctors). As hard as that might seem, it may actually be fun to think about these things without any pressure.