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What Your Sex Education Teacher Never Told You

Remember sex education class at school? Your sex education teacher, Mrs. Tinkleberry, made it seem that everyone who had sex automatically got pregnant. She never once mentioned that some couples sometimes experiences infertility and have problems conceiving.

You ended up leaving school, maybe getting married and believing that pregnancy always happened on the first try. When a pregnancy didn’t happen for you, you probably felt very alone in your infertility journey, believing that you were the only couple affected by infertility.

Now, Mrs. Tinkleberry was probably right, telling a bunch of young kids that unprotected sex often leads to pregnancy (because it probably does for teenagers) but it would have been nice if there was an adult class that explained infertility and fertility options. It might have saved you a few tears.

We don’t suggest that you call up Mrs. T. and complain about her sex education program. But it would be nice if we learned the whole truth earlier on.