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What's New on Fertile Thoughts?

You may already be a member of our online infertility support community at, but in case you haven't signed up yet, here are a few of our new forums and resources you can't miss!

Questions for Patient Care Advocates:
Have questions about your fertility treatment cycle? Do your two week wait symptoms mean pregnancy or Aunt Flo on her way? Wondering where you can find a fertility doctor who accepts your insurance or offers low cost fertility treatment? Looking for strong success rates or an endometriosis specialist? Chat with our Patient Care Advocates to learn more about your fertility treatment options.

Egg Freezing:
Thinking about freezing your eggs before cancer treatment or just to postpone childbearing, but not sure where to begin? Looking for discount and financing options like EggBanxx? This is the forum for you!

Egg Donor and Embryo Match:
If you are seeking donor eggs or donor embryos, or looking to donate embryos from your IVF cycle, post about it here. We're happy to help you connect!

Family Balancing (Gender Selection):
Curious about MicroSort for Family Balancing? How accurate is PGD for Gender Selection? Come chat with other women and men interested in sex selection for family balancing.

LGBT Family Building:
LGBT and trying to build your family? Discuss options, and same-sex friendly fertility clinics with other men and women in your shoes.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Boost Fertility:
Wondering if a Paleo diet will help regulate your cycles? Should you eliminate gluten or dairy for improved fertility? Which habits should you avoid to maximize your baby-making potential?

Fertility Treatment Debate Room:
Should Obamacare cover fertility treatment? What are your thoughts on selective reduction? Should fertility clinics use age or diagnosis caps when accepting patients into their IVF program? Tell us what you think! You can agree to disagree with other IF'ers here.

Financing Your IVF:
In need of payment plans for IVF? What about financing options? Have you heard about the latest savings plan, IVFAdvantage? Come chat about these topics and more fertility treatment financing options here.

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