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What's in Your Fertility Doctor's Waiting Room?

When you see the fertility doctor, what kinds of magazines does he or she have in the fertility clinic waiting room? (We are not talking about the special magazines in the men’s room to collect a semen sample.)

Oftentimes, the waiting room is filled with pregnancy and conception magazines.

Do you like seeing these magazines or do they just bother you? Who wants to see all those advertisements about maternity wear, baby clothes and breastfeeding when you are having problems getting pregnant! Sometimes you just feel like throwing those magazines in the garbage because you just don’t want to see one more pregnant belly bump.

Perhaps you can suggest to your clinic to bring in some more useful magazines for your reading enjoyment. Who wants to read magazines with with titles that shout: Look at Me, I’m Expecting! or I’m Pregnant and You’re Not! or even My Uterus is Better than your Uterus!?

(Note: Don’t worry. We made up those magazine title names. They do not actually exist).

If the magazines do bother you, we suggest bringing in a book, an iPod or reading through on your phone while you wait. You can also stop by to chat with your fellow "IF-ers"