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What's in Your Purse?

Every once in a while on the roller coaster of infertility, you need to have a little fun. So here's Fertility Authority's Infertility Scavenger Hunt- a test to see what funny (or potentially embarrassing) fertility items YOU have in your purse!

Would you be embarrassed if someone opened your purse right now?

Perhaps they would discover a purse full of your fertility goodies including an OPK, a pregnancy test, maxi pads, your basal body thermometer and even a fertility drug syringe or two. This can lead to an embarrassing situation especially if your purse happens to get searched or you go through airport security.

But we’re curious. What’s in your purse anyway?

Give yourself a point for each of the items you have in your handbag at this very moment.

  1. Ovulation predictor kit
  2. Pregnancy test
  3. A lubricant and spermicide-free condom (for semen sample collection)
  4. Fertility drugs
  5. Your fertility doctor’s business card
  6. Tampons/pads
  7. A photo of your IVF follicle ultrasound
  8. A photo of your fertility doctor
  9. A requisition for a semen analysis
  10. Prenatal vitamins

Did you get a perfect score of 10?