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Where and How Should I Buy Fertility Drugs?

The fertility treatment process can feel daunting—you might feel like you’re always rushing to a doctor appointment or undergoing a different test. Then, when your fertility doctor prescribes some meds, the confusion only grows. How do you go about filling these often-costly fertility drug prescriptions, and where is the best place to do? We give you the pharmacy rundown.

Fertility clinic pharmacy
Some fertility clinics have pharmacies in-house as part of their practice. This can be very convenient—you’re already right there—and there’s a direct line of communication between your fertility doctor and your pharmacist. But convenience comes at a price, literally. Fertility meds here tend to be more expensive.

Specialty fertility pharmacies
These pharmacies specialize in fertility meds, so the pharmacists here are very knowledgeable about those specific drugs, and can help you with any questions you have about them. However, personalized service often comes at a higher cost. Plus, not all specialty pharmacies carry all of the fertility drugs.

Online pharmacies
Online pharmacies can be cheap and convenient—but make sure you do your research on them first. To ensure an online pharmacy is reputable, confirm that it has a VIPPS Seal of Approval (which indicates it abides by strict standards) and is a National Boards of Pharmacy Verified Internet Pharmacy.

Local pharmacies
It can be comforting to drop off your fertility drugs prescription at the same place that handles all your other meds. Your local pharmacist already knows you—and any other medications you’re taking—so you may feel more comfortable asking questions. However, smaller local places may not routinely carry the fertility meds you need.

Looking for some real-world tips on how to choose the best place to fill your fertility drug scripts? Drop by the Fertility Drug forum on and join in a conversation!

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