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Why Aren’t You Pregnant Yet?

No doubt, you’ve heard this question many times before, "Why aren’t you pregnant yet?"

You’ve heard it from your mother, your grandmother, friends, even random strangers! "When are you going to get pregnant?"
You have absolutely no idea!

For someone going through infertility, this question can be very painful. After all, you’re trying your hardest to get pregnant and it just hasn’t happened yet.

If you’re struggling with how to answer this question, try some of our snappy and sarcastic answers so people will stop asking you already!

    1) We're thinking about getting pregnant in our late 50s. We heard menopause is the best time to conceive.

    2) We’re going to get pregnant next week when our fertility doctor inseminates me.

    3) We’re going to get pregnant when the pregnancy test actually comes back positive. Duh!

    4) How in the world do I know! We’ve been trying for months and I’m not pregnant yet!

    5) We’ll get pregnant when our fertility doctor fertilizes my embryos and then inserts them into my uterus.

    6) We're waiting to see how your kids come out first.

Anymore questions, nosy relatives?

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