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Why Can't I Have as Many Kids as Angelina and Brad?

Celebrities. Sometimes it seems like celebrities can get pregnant so easily or can adopt a child (or two or three) within weeks.

You might have read that so-and-so got pregnant by accident or that Mrs. Moneybag Actress decided to adopt a child, and it was hand-delivered within a week. Why doesn’t this happen in the real world? You might feel like you’ve been trying for a baby for years and that you’re still filing out adoption papers with no end in sight.

But don’t always believe what you read in those tabloid magazines. Celebrities are still people (just with a lot of money!), and infertility does not discriminate. You can suffer from infertility whether your skin color is red or green or whether you’re a cleaning lady or a famous actress, and your commonality is that you probably both don’t want the world to know about your issues. Before you feel envious (or angry) because you read that so-and-so celebrity got pregnant or adopted, just remember: Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true.

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