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Worse Nurse of the Month Award

There are a lot of fabulous fertility nurses who do a great job. Then there are some others who could use a little sensitivity training.

The Worst Fertility Nurse of the Month Award goes to . . .

    Nurse Insensitive
    She's the nurse who told you to “just relax and it will happen” or said, “Wow. Your file is quite thick. Why haven’t you gotten pregnant yet?”

    Nurse Painful
    She will jab, squeeze, and poke you without even asking if you’re okay.

    Nurse Gossiper
    She will come into the crowded waiting room and speak to you publicly about your uterus, ovulation cycles and fertility care.

    Nurse Grumpy
    She is short tempered and moody, always quick to kick you out without answering your questions.

    Nurse Blamer
    She inadvertently blames you for being confused about your treatment. “You were supposed to take two pills, not one. I told you that already.”

    Nurse BFN
    She delivered the bad news that your pregnancy test was negative. Even if she is the sweetest person in the world, you automatically dislike her.

Hopefully you have a favorite fertility nurse that can help and support you during your treatments. Do you know one who is really super? Nominate her to be our Nurse of the Month.