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You Know You've Been TTC Too Long When ...

You know you’ve been trying way too long for a baby when….

  1. You can actually spell the words “intra uterine insemination”.
  2. You can no longer use toilet paper without analyzing it.
  3. You’ve dreamt about your reproductive endocrinologist.
  4. An ovulation stick fell out of your purse during a work meeting.
  5. Your relatives have stopped asking if you’re pregnant yet.
  6. You’ve tried to make a folic acid smoothie (and it was not good).
  7. You know the exact date, time and minute of your last menstrual cycle.
  8. You know the size of your follicles right at this moment.
  9. You have fertility drug needles in your refrigerator.
  10. You have had an emotional breakdown at a recent baby shower.

Did that sound like you?

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