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You Want Me to Spend HOW Much?

Welcome to the expensive world of fertility treatment costs, where a single procedure can cost more than your car.

When you’re exploring fertility treatment options, have an open discussion with your partner about money and make sure you both understand the financial implication before moving forward.

How much does IVF cost? Depending on your clinic, one cycle of IVF can range from $6,000-$20,000, and the whole process can take up to a grueling six weeks to complete. A frozen embryo cycle (FET), where embryos are frozen and later thawed, can cost up to $3,000. An Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), where the washed sperm is injected into the uterus, is significantly less money but requires a high sperm count and motility.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by costs, your fertility clinic should have a financial coordinator who will address your monetary concerns and help you make effective choices for you and your partner. Speak to someone at your fertility clinic for more details.