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You Will NOT Pee Out Your Embryos

The myth that your embryos will fall out if you urinate, cough, sneeze or laugh is just not true. We have never heard of a story where a woman coughed, and her embryos flew right out of her uterus!

According to fertility doctors, the body is naturally designed to keep your growing embryos in place inside your uterus. For those of you undergoing an IVF (in vitro fertilization) transfer, you are allowed to urinate afterwards because your growing babies are held securely in place. Considering you have to have to have a full bladder during your transfer, you will really need to use the toilet following the procedure!

So please give your bladder a break. Urinate, cough, sneeze, burp and fart. We dare you — you will find that nothing will happen to your future babies. But somewhere in your uterus, they are probably thinking, "Mommy, stop burping already. You are embarrassing us!"