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Your Fertility Drug Checklist

You’re about to embark on the fertility treatment journey with a new fertility drug protocol and realize you know next to nothing about buying fertility drugs from the pharmacy.

Don’t panic! Fertility Authority has designed a Fertility Drug Checklist to help you choose the pharmacy (and brand of fertility drugs) that fits your needs:

  1. Check your insurance plan to see if fertility drugs and fertility treatment are covered. Find out the degree of coverage you have, and ask your fertility doctor to write prescriptions for the brand of fertility drugs that has the most coverage under your plan.
  2. Find out the out of pocket costs should insurance cover only a part (or none) of the cost of your fertility drugs.
  3. Verify which local pharmacy carries these fertility drugs or can have them delivered for you. Sometimes you may forget to fill a prescription and may need your medication on short notice. Try to go with a pharmacy that has your fertility drugs in stock, if possible. Ask about overnight shipping if they do not keep your specific medications in stock.
  4. What are your pharmacy’s hours of operation?
  5. Does your pharmacy have a nurse on staff to answer any questions you may have? Is there a number you can call after hours if you accidentally spill some of the medication or have some other concern?
  6. Will the pharmacy provide instructions on how to store your medications? There’s nothing worse than trying to remember if your Follistim or Menopur belongs in the fridge.
  7. Will your pharmacy instruct you on how to inject your medications, or should you talk to your fertility doctor for a quick lesson on injectable fertility drugs?
  8. Will the pharmacy provide needles, syringes, alcohol wipes, and a sharps container? Will there be a charge for these items?
  9. How should you properly handle a sharps container once it is full?
  10. If you are using an online pharmacy, be sure they have the appropriate certifications, including a VIPPS Seal of Approval.

For more information on Fertility Drugs, visit FertilityAuthority’s Fertility Drug Channel and swing by for support, encouragement, and tips on how to give yourself an injection.

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