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Your Friendly Neighborhood Fertility Pharmacist

There are many people helping you to get pregnant. You have your fertility doctor, your fertility nurses, perhaps an acupuncturist and your partner (don’t forget about him!).

But did you ever think about your relationship with your pharmacist?

The pharmacist is the person responsible for providing the correct fertility medication, which is vital to your fertility treatment. Did you know there are pharmacies that actually specialize in fertility medications? Sometimes the pharmacist has undergone infertility herself and definitely understands treatments and medication protocols. These specialists typically also have many hard-to-get medications on hand, so you won’t have to spend days waiting for your drugs and feeling stressed out about the process.

Your fertility clinic can recommend pharmacies that specialize in fertility medications. So before you go to Grandpa Joe’s Neighborhood Pharmacy (where they have never heard of in vitro fertilization IVF before), check with your clinic for their recommendations.