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When Your Infertility Support Group Is Pregnant

If you’re battling infertility, hopefully you have a good support network. Whether it’s online support, like FertileThoughts or your BFF, there is bound to be a time when one of those women cross over to the fertility side. And you’re happy for her but…

You know it’s a major milestone when someone who once experienced infertility gets pregnant, but what happens to those that are left behind? How does it make you feel if you’re still trying or you’ve recently failed a fertility treatment? Envious? Bitter? Happy? Angry?

There comes a time when pregnancy happens in your support group (and that’s a good thing!). At first, everyone was trying for a baby, then some were going through fertility treatment, and then others got pregnant. You still had people to lean on, and then more and more people starting getting pregnant. Hopefully, you can still lean on them for support, or maybe you need to step back if you’re feeling lonely or jealous of their successes. Your turn will come too.