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You're Still Young ...

“You’re still young." Those are the three words that can make anyone dealing with infertility just cringe.

How come you don’t feel so young? Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, hearing the words, “Oh, you’re still so young,” can make you feel very, very old. Whether it comes from your mother-in-law or an (insensitive) fertility doctor, your biological clock just keeps ticking away, and you feel your reproductive years slipping by. You might feel like your reproductive organs are going gray, your eggs are getting hard boiled, and your uterus has to use a cane.

Although, logically, you know you probably still have plenty of time to reproduce, gently remind yourself that the advice usually comes with support and encouragement. It’s nice that people still think you’re still young. Maybe if they shout it loud enough, your uterus will get the memo, too!