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Discounted Egg Freezing Services for Cancer Patients

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For women diagnosed with cancer that may affect their fertility, there is hope: Fertile Hope.

Founded in 2001 by Lindsay Nohr Beck, and now a national LIVESTRONG initiative, Fertile Hope offers discounted treatment and free donated medication for egg freezing and embryo freezing via their financial assistance program. Sperm banking services are also available to male patients.

Nohr Beck recognized a need for the Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program after searching for fertility preservation options amidst her own battle with cancer, and coming up largely empty-handed. She eventually found a facility offering egg cryopreservation for cancer patients, but at age 22 was not prepared for the financial burden that fertility medication and treatment bears. Many of those diagnosed with cancer have given very little thought to their future fertility and, like Nohr Beck, do not have the funds to pay for fertility preservation.

Through the Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program, cancer patients with an annual household income under $100,000 are eligible for fertility preservation prior to beginning fertility-compromising cancer treatments. It is important to pursue fertility preservation before chemotherapy as the treatment damages a woman’s egg supply within her ovaries.

Marc Kalan, M.D, of The Center for Fertility and Gynecology in Los Angeles believes egg freezing is a viable option for patients exploring fertility preservation. "Egg freezing represents an amazing opportunity for many patients, however it should be considered in the context of other more established fertility preservation options such as embryo cryopreservation... Ultimately, egg freezing might be the perfect option, but patients should always explore all of their alternatives". It is best to discuss with your fertility specialist if egg freezing is the best option for you prior to chemotherapy or other cancer treatment.

Fertile Hope partners with hundreds of facilities across the country that offer egg and embryo freezing.

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hello i was just curious if I could get some information on your discounted embryo freezing process. I was recently diagnosed at age 26 with stage 4 breast cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy in the next few weeks. I would love to have the opportunity to possibly have kids in the future but with the enormous cost of freezing my eggs And thawing, I just didn't think that's a possibility until I ran across your website. if you could give me a call or email me back my number is 952- 212-8 187 or email me at just to provide me with any information and the typical cost. thank you so much for your time

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