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Considering Stopping Treatment

Deciding whether to stop treatment is really difficult. Not only do you have to grieve the loss of the biological child you dreamed for, but you are also faced with what to do next. Will you remain childfree or will you consider other family building options? Some people stay in treatment because they can not face these questions or because they disagree with their partner about whether to end treatment or pursue other options.

Things to Consider

The following are some questions to consider as you think about stopping treatment:

  • How would you feel if your doctor said there is nothing more that can be done?
  • How would you feel if your partner said, “Let’s stop treatment”?
  • Who would you disappoint if you stopped treatment?
  • Have you spent as much time and money as you want on pursuing treatment?
  • Are there treatments that you still want to try?
  • Have you taken a break from treatment to see how it feels?
  • Have you gotten a second medical opinion?
  • Do you feel excited or resentful on the days you have an appointment to see the doctor?
  • Do you feel hopeful or hopeless about treatment?
  • How does your body feel after all this treatment?
  • What has suffered in your life as a result of your focus on infertility treatments?

Stopping treatment is not quitting; it is taking back control of your life. It takes courage and time to make this decision. You don’t have to know what you will do next; you just have to know that you have done enough.

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I thought the article on stopping treatment was very well written. I'm at that point of deciding that for myself although I do have an 8 year old daughter and have been trying for #2 for 6.5 years.

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