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Taking a Break from Fertility Treatment

Infertility treatments can continue for months or years. It’s common to go from one treatment cycle to the next, and that can really sap your energy (not to mention your bank account). Work and social events often play second fiddle to your treatment schedule.

It can be helpful to take a break from treatment, especially before deciding whether “enough is enough” and ending treatment. It is also beneficial if you are exhausted by the demands of treatment and balancing that with the responsibilities of your daily life. A break from treatment can be one cycle or longer, it’s up to you. It’s also a good idea to keep your doctor in the loop – certain causes of infertility may influence how long your break is.

During a break re-evaluate:

  • What is your current goal – to get pregnant or to become a parent?
  • Are you satisfied with your medical care and team?
  • Has your timeframe for moving on with other options changed?

During your break ask:

  • What have you put on hold that you want to start pursuing?
  • How does life feel without treatment? (Some women feel anxious about missing a cycle, others are eager to get back into the medical arena, and others feel relief and a surge of energy.)
  • Would doing yoga or meditating be helpful when you go back into treatment? These provide mini-breaks and let you get back in touch with yourself during stressful times.
  • Would it be helpful to get support from a group or therapist?

Infertility is a life crisis; treatment is hard and expensive. If your life feels on hold and you are irritable and discouraged, consider taking a break, listen to yourself, check in with your partner, and take time to re-fuel.

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