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Tubal Reversal

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Tubal ligation is the process of having your “tubes tied.” A tubal ligation reversal (or “tubal reversal”) reconnects or reopens the fallopian tubes. More than 650,000 women have tubal ligation surgery per year and about 6 percent of women decide to have this surgery reversed within five years. If successful, tubal reversal may allow women to once again become pregnant naturally. It is performed by a reproductive surgeon with specialized training for this procedure.

Tubal ligation reversal is considered a major surgery. The procedure takes several hours and most women are hospitalized for at least two days following surgery. The success of the surgery depends on the specific method that was originally used in the tubal ligation, and the state of the fallopian tubes. Time also lends a factor in determining how successful the tubal ligation reversal has been. The longer a woman waits to have the reversal performed, the less successful she will be in trying to conceive.

Success rates for pregnancy following tubal reversal vary, with from 40 to 85 percent of women conceiving. Factors to consider aside from the success of the procedure itself include: the status of the fallopian tubes, the woman’s age, egg quantity and quality, uterine factors, and male fertility.


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You must be loggeddeusta After having my tubes tied for 7 years, my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby. We researched the procedure and facilities available and found BABAKULE. In [the early part of] of 2013 we contacted him. Dr. babakule was very supportive and willing to spend as much time as we needed to answer our questions and cover all details of the procedure. After we got the herbal herbs product, we were excited to hear that Dr babakule. was able to successfully open and reattach both of my tubes. We waited for just two weeks before trying to get pregnant, and were overjoyed when 6 weeks post surgery we found out we were pregnant. Now a year later, we are happier than ever with our healthy and happy 2 month old baby girl. We are so grateful to Dr. babakule for making our dream of having a baby a reality.,+2347052944754 – V.H. in to comment.

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I had and ablation Andy tubes tied aug of 2013. I was made to get it done by my ex husband that didn't want anymore childern . I'm now with another guy whoms amazing and he has no childern and really wants one and I would love to have a baby with him what should I do? Can I have a baby?

Lindsay - I'm sorry to hear that you're having concerns. Typically, after an individual has a tubal ligation you would have the option of a tubal reversal (if the doctor feels that you qualify for a tubal reversal) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Both of these procedures will not be covered by insurance because they are considered elective and not medically necessary. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training but once an individual has an ablation it makes it harder to conceive / carry the child. You should consult with a fertility doctor to discuss your options.

Hi, my tubes has been tied for a year now n my husband and I wants a baby wat can we do 2 get pregnant and have a safe delivery without goin thru wit da surgery. . Betta yet wat can I do 2 make dem come a loose???

Hi Kay Kay,

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to make the tubal ligation come loose. If you do not want to do a reversal, you would have to consult a doctor about in vitro fertilization (IVF).


I am so sorry to hear of the complications following your tubal ligation. It can be difficult to get pregnant following a tubal reversal especially since you now only have one tube. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training but it is possible to get pregnant naturally with one tube but it doesn't surprise me that it is taking a few months. If you are concerned you should consult with a fertility doctor to make sure your OB properly reconnected the tube. If you need help finding a fertility doctor in your area please feel free to email me directly at I'm happy to help!

Hi, I had my tubes tied in 2008, when I was 23 following a c-section. Since then I have been pregnant 3 times - one chemical, one miscarriage and one ectopic (attached to the outside of my ovary) The last one I had surgery to remove it, and the OB reconnected my right tube (the left had too much scar tissue) This was in January 2014, I have not become pregnant yet. I'm just wondering if this is because the reversal did not work, or if it normally takes a few months

Now I want a baby , what are my chances of getting pregnant if I can't afford a tubal reversal. Please help me. Because turns out that I'm the days late and afraid to take a pregnancy test and get a negative result. Please be sincere and tell me what my chances are of being pregnant. Also what are the chances of having a baby if it's an ectopic pregnancy. Please email me nilda 0872@g

Hi there,

If you've had a tubal ligation, you should not be able to get pregnant naturally. At age 41, your best option for treatment is IVF. The average cost is about $12,000 per cycle, but it will bypass your tied tubes, so no need for the reversal. If you opt to do a tubal ligation reversal, there is a chance you will still need IVF anyway, so it makes sense to skip the reversal and do IVF.

Please give us a call if you'd like to set up a consultation.


Hi I am a 35 yr old mother of 3 and I got a tubal ablation after my c-section with my 3rd child, didn't think I wanted anymore children. However, lately I can't seem to shake this feeling like I want one more. Is it possible for me to have a reversal or is IVF my only option and can you recommend a location here in Charlotte, NC? Thanks

Hi there! My name is Brittanie and I am the founder of Reverse & Restore ministry. We are a sterilization reversal ministry, and if you need help getting funded, we can help. Go to our Facebook page for more information:

I got my tubes tied in 2003 and would love to have more kids now was hoping to find out a good place in Missouri and find out around how much it will cost

One option you have is something called a tubal reversal. Insurance does not typically cover the procedure. Tubal reversal is expensive -- several thousand dollars for the surgery, along with anesthesia and hospital fees and the cost of fertility tests required before the procedure. In general, across the country, tubal-ligation reversals range from about $6,000 to $15,000. An option to tubal reversal is in vitro fertilization (IVF), a form of assisted reproduction in which a woman's egg and man's sperm are fertilized outside the womb in a laboratory dish. The average IVF cost is $12,000, but it can be as much as $15,000. It may be as low as $10,000, but it’s rarely lower than that. These prices are for one cycle of IVF. If you are interested in a consultation to discuss your options, please email

I want to have another baby but I had my tubes cut and burned how much would it cost me

Hello everyone...i am 28 and i am about to be married to someone who has no children..i was forced into having my tubes.. i have 3 children from a previous i am trying to find somewhere in ga that is decent in there prices so i can have my tubes untied..any suggestions of doctors that charge decent and offers an payment plan.

hi i am 36 an its over 5yrs now I tired my tubes. am divoice over 4yrs now. I met someone an want to have a child for him. am from Trinidad an hopin it have place here in my country could do this for me

I am 46 and want a tubal reversal. I really don't want ivf because i can't afford it. Also i weigh 290lbs. I live in florida. I have read mny success stories of women older than me.

As we get older, our potential to have a baby decreases, that's why most doctors would recommend IVF (with donor eggs) instead of a tubal reversal. If you'd like more information, please let me know. Best, Claire

I had my tubes tied 3.5 yrs ago after c/ s now Iam married to a man who had no child and I am eager to get my tube reversed. I am 46 yrs old pls help me with suggestion of where to go for the procedure

Before you get a tubal reversal, you should have a consultation with a fertility specialist. Most would recommend IVF with donor egg in order to conceive at 46. Our Patient Care Advocates can help you find a fertility doctor in your area to find the right treatment for you. Please contact us as 855-955-2229 or Best, Claire

I had a tubal 3 wks ago ago My my doctor doctor pushed me into it i have four kids all done by c section my uterus is fine n barely no scar tissue i want another child so wat can I do

If you had your tubes tied, your options are a tubal reversal or IVF. If you're looking for more information, or you want to schedule an appointment, please contact our Patient Care Advocates at 855-955-2229 or All the best, Claire

I'm 33 yrs old and I have been in a relationship w/ my boyfriend for 5 yrs. We are talking about getting married and he has no kids. I have 3 children from a previous relationship but I really want to have one once we're married, but I had my tubes tied in 2004 after my 3rd baby what can I do and how much will it cost. we live in ripley ms 38663....HELP!!!!

I had my tubes tied 4 year ago i foundy a doctor in my area ad the cost is $5500 He did a layway payment it took me about a year to pay it I'm going for the surgery In September 2013. The only thing i fear that it won't work and they are gonna Do robotic way so please pray it works. The doctor is in NJ his name is Thina u can Search him

I am 37 years old and was forced into a TL with my ex-husband I will be getting married to the most wonderful man I live in Missouri I do not have insurance and would like to have a reversal I have looked into this for approximately 2 years now just unsure of how I am going to be able to afford this if anyone knows of any financial assistance for this it would be of great help. I believe I already have the Dr. I would like to go to. thank You, Brandi

I had TR 5 years ago I've had 2 miscarriage the last one was 2 years ago I'm 43 years old and want a baby so bad can you give me any advice thank you. thank you I would appreciate it

I am 31 and had my tubes tied in 2004 by Filshie clip. I had an endometrial Ablation in 2011 (due to problems that arose from the TL, I strongly believe). I have been back to the dr and had an inter-vaginal ultrasound and I have a good lining thickness at 9.2mm. I was wondering if there was any info on my situation, or similar. I plan on having the reversal possibly end of this year or beginning of next year. Also does anyone have and info or experience with Dr Rosenfeld in the Houston TX area. I know that it is not recommended to try to have a child post-ablation, but my lining is nice and thick and appears to be a even lining. Thanks in advance. My email is

Hi Kim I want to get my tubes untied is there a good doctor in my area

Hi Julie, We can definitely help you find a fertility doctor who specializes in tubal reversal. You can email me at or give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY. The costs of tubal reversal range from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on location across the US. Best, Kim

I'm 42 and I want to know if I can still have a baby I tied my tubes 10 years ago and now I regret it and want another baby so baby I live in middlesex county in New Jersey can someone help me I don't have insurance at the moment my email

Hi Julie I'm in the same situation I'm 42 I live in Middlesex county tubes tide for 16yrs now my husband wants kids. How did you make out.

Hi Julie, I just sent you an email. There are plenty of great fertility doctors in New Jersey, some right in your back yard! The average cost of IVF would be around $10,000 if you do not elect to reverse your tubal ligation. If you do a reversal surgery, the costs are similar. We can definitely connect you with a fertility doctor. Please look for my email in your inbox! Kim

I hadmy tubes tide 20 yrs ago and im 42 married a man with no kids and mow we want kids together, I just recently had a reversal 2/15/2013 now we are working on our bundle of joy ,hope to update soon with an arrival date.

Who did you use? Cost? Did ins cover any of it? if not did you find financial help or pay out-of-pocket?

Hi dana,

You might be a candidate for IVF, but the costs range from $7,000 to $30,000. You should check out where you can participate in a research study near you that will help you to do IVF for free or little cost.


well its been awhile since i had a baby im 47 yrs old and i met this guy thats much younger than me but he makes feel that i would want a baby by him im just looking into my options and information on a reproductive endocrinologist in my area dallas tx 75217

Hi Vero,

A Reproductive Endocrinologist could give you more information on having a tubal reversal. Many facilities offer financing options if you do not have health insurance coverage. I would be happy to help you find a doctor in your area. Feel free to email me at and we can go from there!


on Medicaid and live in Findlay ohio was young and spouse and myself want one of are own. cant come up with all but most payments is good

i am 34 years old and ive had my tubes tied for 10 yrs now. i want to get a tubal reversal but dont know where to go and i want to know if theres any way you can get financial help with this procedure

Hello Tblackstar,
I do want the information to that place in NC. I'm have been trying for 2 years and no luck. That's a good price for a TR please email me the info.

i have my tubes tied and they have been that way for almost 7yrs and i am now engaged and my fiance doesnt have any children and i have 2 and we want to have one together and im interested in knowing how much it would cost me and if any insurances would cover the reversal. im only 30 so i feel that im still young enough to have another baby.

I am 41 and I had a tubla ligation 10 or more years a go. I was 24 when i had it done. i was very young. my first son doctor made me have the surgery after my second son. now I am re married too with a nice man and i would like to give him a baby. how much is to have a tubal reversal

I got my tubes tied 02/18/1999. And I wanted to know how much it will cost with insurance. I want to have another baby but I have to get the surgery done first. And will it be to late for me since my tubes have been tied for so long.

i had my tubes cut in 2006 after my daughter by c section ,i felt pushed into it n regretted it since my husband and i ar longing for a child togther ,is there a chance i cud get them repaired to become pregnant with a much needed n wanted child

I had my tubes tied in 2007 after two children but i am remarried and would like to have one more. i am 29 and very healthy with no surgeries or anything that would cause me to be illfitted.I was thinking of untiying my tubes although my doctor says that invetro is better I would like to know what would be better.thank you.


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