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High FSH

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Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is exactly what it sounds like—a hormone that stimulates follicles (the sacs within your ovaries that contain eggs) to grow. High FSH can make getting pregnant difficult.

How Does High FSH Affect Fertility?

If you have an unusually high level of FSH at a young age, it may mean you have run out of follicles - it is often referred to as diminished ovarian reserve. Unfortunately, your body is not able to make more. If you do not have any follicles capable of developing into a mature egg, you are unlikely to be able to get pregnant.

If you have elevated FSH levels, are under 40 years old, have not menstruated for more than six months, or have irregular bleeding, your ovaries may not be working properly. When your ovaries fail at an earlier than expected age, it is called premature ovarian failure (POF). Since loss of ovarian function results in abnormally low levels of estrogen, very few women with premature ovarian failure are able to get pregnant naturally.

Unfortunately, women who have high FSH levels often respond poorly to fertility medication or not at all. They may also have a low chance of getting pregnant when they tryin vitro fertilization (IVF, which uses an egg fertilized by sperm outside the womb) to try to achieve pregnancy.

A fertility doctor can test your FSH levels and your ovarian reserve to help you understand your fertility. To find one near you, type in your zip code in the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Clinic” search on our website.


Comments (43)

Hi I'm 44 just got my results back FSH 12.8 FOLLICULAR-3.5-12.5,Ovulation phase-4.7-21.5 Luteal phase -1.7-7.7, and Post menopausal:25.8-134.8 can someone help me I just left out the doctors office hysterical and depressed .

my fhs or something is very high was told by a doctor but ny estrogen level is normal but hormonal which is the fsh level is high and missed period for a month and half now last month which is march is the month I missed my period and now april second month worried please help I am wondering if stress can make this high .. I was very stressed last month

Trust God, everyone. My aunt had a baby naturally at 44. One of my friends just had a baby girl naturally at 49. Another friend was born when her mother was 48. All mothers conceived totally naturally - remember You are risking your life or another woman's life with egg donation. See documentary Eggsploitation - google. Trust God. We are not all called to be physical mothers, but there's always hope and adoption and being great aunts! Peace to us all!

Hi Mich, I agree with you God is good, if we believe in God and trust him he is always with us.He is an awesome God.God of Sarah and Abraham

Hi, I just wanted to share something of my journey in the hope that it may help someone else. I met my partner a couple of years ago, and we have been trying to conceive for a few months. For so many years I had been so full of fear and anxiety that I wouldn't be able to have a child. Through a similar forum to this, I found a mention of Julia Indichova's work- Fertile Heart- and her books Inconceivable & Fertile Female. I really recommend checking her out. I now do regular call conferences with her and other people like me wanting to conceive, and use imagery & body work exercises every day. I am certainly feeling more fertile, and it has become about so much more than just the outcome of getting pregnant. I feel that what I'm learning about myself is helping me lead a fuller life, and that should I have a baby I will be a better parent as a result. I wish everyone lots of luck on their journey x

I am 38 yrs old.periods not coming for the last three months and my FSH level is 19.45.Whag does it means.pls help.

Hello Sonia,

High FSH is a sign of diminished ovarian reserve. It could mean you have few eggs left in your ovaries and that you may have greater IVF success using donor eggs. You should consult your fertility doctor to be sure.

Best of luck!

I am 25 years old and was just diagnosed with high FSH i am so depressed behind this. Please pray for me.

I am 40yo with the following numbers from a day 3 test. Estradiol: 78ng FSH: 8.2 LH: 5.7 AMH: 1.3 How will these number impact my ability to get pregnant? Is there hope for me?

Hi there,

Are you currently working with a fertility doctor? Only a trained reproductive endocrinologist can tell you your chance of successfully conceiving. If you would like to set up a consultation with a doctor in our network, please give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229).


Hi I'm 45, just had a blood test for FSH level, the reading is 127.8. Does this mean I'm in menopause? I've been experiencing hot flashes and joint pain also. I had an ovary removed last year due to an ovarian cyst. Thank you.

Hi Kelli,

Have you discussed the results with your doctor? Normal FSH levels should be under 10. I would contact your OB/GYN to discuss your concerns. If you need help finding a doctor in your area, please email me at and I would be happy to help.

Best of luck,

Thanks for yout response! I will get in touch with my doctor tomorrow. Thanks again.

We are not doctors nor can we provide medical guidance. Please contact your GYN or if you are interested in seeing a RE specialist, please contact our Patient Care Advocate at 855-944-2229.
Thank you,

hi my name is sam i am 39 years old in sept 2013 i lost my baby the dr said we can try again in 7months but my period just stopped altogether she took a blood test and my fsh level has come back at 91 what does this mean has this happened to anyone else

Hi Sam, I am so sorry to hear that. If you have high FSH, it typically means you have low ovarian reserve. You should consult a fertility doctor to see if IVF is needed. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) and we will connect you with a doctor in your area.


A level of 136 may indicate menopause. But please check with your doctor who can interpret those results accurately.

I just turned 41 and haven't had a period in three months. Upon having a hormonal test done, it shows that my FSh level is 136 MIU/ML. What does this means?

Hi All, I'm 34 an my Endocrinologist ran some labs because of my irregular periods. I had an FSH of 89.9 and a LH of 47.5. I soon scheduled an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist and diagnosed me with POF/POI. She re-ran my labs and my FSH came back at 66 and LH 48.5. At the time of my appointment I had 4 follicles. Has anyone had any luck with herbs and if so how long were you on them? email me:

Hi, I have been trying to get pregnant almost 2 years without any success. Many tests done and 43yo has to have heaps of faith. Just saw a naturopath here in Melbourne and she showed me a photo book with her patients over 40 that conceived naturally :), for me it sounds hope. I agreed with her about egg quality since I started considering IVF. They can stimulate you to produce more eggs but if they don't have good quality you wasting them, she asked me to give her 3 months to work on my eggs and showed me confidence. My cousin is 45yo and last year she had one ovary removed due to cyst. This year she decided to celebrate her marriage restoration that was pretty bad with a baby, went to the doctor to check if everything was ok and it was found a cyst on the ovary . The doctor told her to forget about having a baby and treat her ovary. and the following month she was pregnant naturally. There is no science or human acknowledgement that fully understand our body, they put us on statistics and what they have experienced. So I believe that anything can happen when we ask God for blessings.

Please inform me about your alternative medicine. I need help

I have very Hightower fsh and Lh levels I have one son and miscarried 6 months ago but are now possibly going through peri Enapause I am 37 and although donor eggs I am told are my only option I believe I can do it naturally I just need some help!!

Hi Luciana, I am 41 and have tried for over 18 mnth's. I am also very interested in using alternative medicine.Would you mind please referring me to the Naturpath that you mentioned you saw I would like to also get her advice.If your not comfortable with sharing her name here please could you e-mail me at I would really appreciate it very much.Have you taken treatment from her and if so how are things going?Cheers Deb

.... Just to add to the previous comment I sent... I have been given my levels for FSH and LH which are 8.5, 2.6 respectively. What does this mean?

I'm 18 and have been diagnosed with high FSH, does anyone know of anyone else who has had this happen to them, or if anyone they know has still been able to conceive. I'm not planning on having a child any time soon but I would like to have even a sprinkle of hope that in the future I would be able to have a baby

Hi Courtney, Plenty of young women are diagnosed with high FSH. You should consult with a fertility doctor once you are ready to conceive to assess your ability to get pregnant with your own eggs or using donor eggs. Best of luck! Kim

Hi!! I am 38 years old. My fsh was at a 15 last year when i went to a fertility doc, she said my chances of conceiving naturally were extrememly low. She said that we could try IVF, but it would only have a sucess rate of 10% with my high fsh and endometriosis. I was extremely upset and basically took some time off from trying to look into adoption. We then decided to go to another fertility doc and get a second opinion and he gave us better odds, but we were also looking into egg donation. The day of our scheduled appointment we found out I am pregnant!! Naturally!! I am now 14 weeks preggo and baby is healthy with a strong heartbeat. Please dont take everything that these doctors say to be an EXACT science. I was so upset and thought it was over for us....GOD is the one that is ultimately in control....high fsh or not! Put your faith in and talk to him...he will lead you down the right path. Good luck to all!!

Hi! I'm 44years old. Thank you for your posting, gives me hope that yes I can still get pregnat. My fhs is 13.8 and i have to wait till it goes down before I start treatment. I wAs very upset and down. Reading your post gave me hope :)

wbgirl... I am also 38 and at last testing my FSH was 16.6. I have gotten pregnant naturally, and quickly, with three children one of whom is 17yrs, 3 1/2 yrs and an Angel baby whom we lost to chromosomal issues at 24 weeks. We have now been trying going on 20 months to get pregnant again with no luck at all. We don't have the money, nor are interested in, doing IVF. I am however doing acupuncture and we tried Clomid for 6 months. SO, I was just wondering if you got pregnant completely naturally? Were you taking herbs, acupuncture or anything else? We are only trying until the end of this year and will be done and know it just wasn't in God's plan. I have started exercising 5-6 days a week and eating better hoping that will help. Am just looking for any hope that we have a shot without powerful meds and or taking a bunch of herbs. I am currently taking one herb but it makes me want to throw up! I know other high FSH'ers have taken royal jelly, tomaxifen and wheatgrass shots. Thanks so much for sharing any information you have with me!

My marriage held at 14.09.2008. Still I didn't get pregnant.
When I was consult my Dr. She identified the PCOS then gave treatment for it. Now I have the regular menstruation. 2 yrs ago she told me to do the follicular study. In that time I had Follicles in Rt. overy. After that I continue the treatment. After 1 yr in my follicular study there is no follicles in both side. still I continued the treatment. Last month I under went Follicular study, the same result were displayed as No follicles in both overy. What is my problem Kindly explain.
Treatment taken:
2-6 days from my LMP with Letrazole 2.5/5mg
15-25 with Projesterone Tablets
Daily before Break fast Thyroxine sodium 50mcg OD, After breakfast Metformin 500SR OD, After my lunch Folic acid 0.5mg OD

I just had my hormones tested because I felt like something was not right. I am 33, and would like to have children soon, but my FSH level was 13.4 and I am worried that this it too high to conceive naturally. I have my Dr appointment next week, but the wait is killing me. Anyone have an answer?

Hi, iam 28 yrs old with fsh 55.At the age of
26 ,my fsh was 112.
6months back i consulted a doctor,she said i have
very few follicles in my ovaries.if my fsh has come
down to 30 then there might be a chance to get active
my eggs with some medication(injection).please tell me
how far it is true? Please tell me some suggestions
to get pregnancy naturally.

I just turned 48 and haven't had a period in three months. Upon having a hormonal test done, it shows that my FSh level is 95.9 MIU/ML. What does this means?

leutenizing hormone
follicular 2.4-12.6
ovulation phase 14.0-95.6
luteal phase1.0-11.4

follicular 3.5-12.5
estradiol by tms 105.0
estrone by tms29.7
estrogens total cal134.7
follicular 0.2-1.5
leteal 1.7-27
ovu 0.8-3.0
post men 0.1-0.8
am i going through menopause???????????

i love this page, because the have related issues that i am encountering too and would love to read the result of above analysis

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