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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Not in the mood? You’re not alone. Approximately 43 percent of women ages 18-59 experience some form of sexual dysfunction. The most frequent complaint? You guessed it: lack of interest. Now add in the fact that you're TTC, and the irony is, you're working so hard to make a baby, but having sex is the last thing you feel like doing!

What Is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder?

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is a persistent lack or absence of sexual desire, fantasies, or thoughts. It is the most common form of female sexual dysfunction. And, it’s associated with infertility both as a cause as well as a consequence. HSDD can be acquired or lifelong, and associated with one partner in particular or with any partner.

What Causes HSDD?

If you suffer from HSDD, you might think, “It’s all in my head.” But that’s not necessarily the case. HSDD is a health issue that can be caused by:

  • Lifestyle factors — those that leave you too exhausted or stressed out to desire sex.
  • Psychological issues, including depression. (Did you know the rate of depression in women with infertility is as great as the depression in women with cancer?)
  • Medical illnesses
  • Medications, such as birth control pills, anti-depressants and blood pressure medications
  • Menopause, which can lead to decreased estrogen levels, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse
  • Low testosterone levels, which can decrease sex drive

How Is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) Treated?

Depending on the cause of your HSDD, psychological or medical intervention may be recommended — or both. When lifestyle issues are the culprit, they should be addressed. If counseling or therapy is recommended, usually both partners are advised to participate. And, your physician can advise on remedies when medical issues, including medication, hormone levels or illnesses are the cause.

The first step? Talk to your physician. It might not be an easy subject to broach, but it’s an important one. And a key to good health.


Comments (16)

I would recommend trying to find support from a therapist or counselor (either online or in person) who has worked with other individuals or couples in this situation. Best, Claire

My wife has developed this disorder and it's been killing our connection to one another. She is currently pregnant and we don't know how to treat it. Is there any safe ways to treat this while pregnant? Things will just keep getting worse if we have to wait all the way till she is done breastfeeding to do anything. It's been killer on our relationship, it's the ONLY thing we have ever had an issue with since we had met. Please help!

I read in pharmacy reviews that , researchers are studying the safety and efficacy of a number of medical treatment options. These include a testosterone patch for women, which has proven particularly helpful after menopause or the surgical removal of ovaries — where much of a woman’s testosterone is produced. Two antidepressants, flibanserin and bupropion, are among the drugs being studied in the treatment of pre-menopausal women

Special post , really good view on the subject and very well written, this certainly has put a spin on my day, numerous thanks from the USA and keep up the good work

Hi there,
I have come to realize that a basic therapy has gone a long way with my patients. Practice makes perfect they say? Aptite comes while eating? Well these two applies to HSDD also. It might be not easy at first, but increase your practice of sex, even if you don't feel like it. When your partner asks for it, or when you spot that he is advancing in that field, jump into it. Develop the desire in your mind, and do it in different places not always the same place. Go to a hotel, if you live in a house, do it in the kitchen, in the living room,... you'll see the change. Good lack!!!

Help I am suffering from loss of sexual desire, my husband thinks I don't love him but I love him with all my heart, I try telling him that something is wrong with me I just can't find that desire I once had and I would love to have that back, I want to be so passionate as I once was. I love having sex but it's just not there, and it troubles me so much I'm so afraid of lossing him, can you please help me (us) before I loss my mind.

I had a similar issues years ago with my ex-husband. (Which he took an excuse to look at porn and cheat on me, different story!) My sex drive was killed - and I mean buried six feet under - by my birth control. I took the depoprovera shot. When I finally told my doctor about it, she knew right away what was wrong. She'd had the same problem! I switched birth control methods and the problem slowly solved itself. (Ex solved himself too and went away yay~)

My doctor believes that the artifical hormone in the shot is what made it so bad for us. I took her word for it. I won't use anything with artifical hormones again.

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