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What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is indicated by many small cysts in the ovaries. Health care professionals may also call it polycystic ovary disease, polycystic ovaries, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, or polyfollicular ovarian disease.

PCOS affects about 5 percent to 10 percent of women of childbearing age and occurs among all races and nationalities. It is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age and is a leading cause of infertility. It is estimated that as many as 30% of women have some characteristics of the syndrome.

The ovaries of women with PCOS produce higher than normal amounts of androgens (male hormones) which can interfere with the development and release of eggs. Normally when an egg matures, the follicle (sac within the ovary that contains eggs) releases the egg so it can travel to the uterus for fertilization. With PCOS, the eggs in these follicles may not mature or in some case egg maturation is altered. Instead of being released during the menstrual cycle, the follicles build up in the ovaries and form cysts. Because they are not ovulating and releasing an egg each month it is common for women with PCOS to have irregular or missed periods.

What Causes PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it has many possible causes or characteristics, rather than one known cause. Although the ovaries of women with this syndrome contain a number of small cysts, women without PCOS may also have a similar number of cysts. For this reason, researchers believe the cysts themselves may not be causing the problem.

It is believed the leading cause of PCOS could be insulin resistance. Women with PCOS are often found to have a malfunction of insulin production, formation, or action. Too much insulin signals the ovaries to release higher-than-normal levels of androgens. Elevated insulin levels are unhealthy and may eventually increase your risk not only for infertility but also for diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

PCOS may also have a genetic predisposition and run in families. However, there is not yet enough scientific evidence to prove the condition is inherited.

If you have PCOS-related infertility it is probably due to the inability of the ovaries to release an egg, or the ovaries are releasing eggs that are not fully developed. However, not all women with PCOS have difficulty becoming pregnant. To learn more about PCOS, visit Fertility Authority's PCOS Channel.

Watch these videos about PCOS:

To connect with other women with PCOS, please join our PCOS Support Group.


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I havent had my FIRST period yet and im 19. Went to see the OBGYN when i was 15 and all she says was to downsize a bit and probably it will helps and guess what,it doesn't. Im slightly overweight but to say I have PCOS is impossible as I dont have any symptoms as above. What should i do? My body grew normally but just that i havent had my first period yet. Please help.

Hi Cath,

You should consult with an OB/GYN and find out what's going on. You could have your OB/GYN run some blood tests and an ultrasound. If you need help finding a doctor in your area, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to provide some options for you.


hello,recently i was diagnosed with pcos..i am 29 years married woman..we don't want a child now. my periods are irregular with low rate of bleeding and which lasts for 2-3 days. will there be any complicity if we try for a baby after 2 years?plz rply.

If you have PCOS, I would recommend seeing a reproductive endocrinologist to talk about your situation. I think it's really important to have as much information as you possible, so you can make good decisions regarding pregnancy and your overall health as it relates to PCOS. Let me know if you'd like more information - including finding a doctor who works with women who have PCOS. Best, Claire

I was diagnosed at 19. I was married. I tried one month of birth control. I decided I was heavy and smoked so stopped the pills. I lost all health care coverage for a number of years. no insurance from 1986 to 1999. Then in 2002 with insurance I tried "Metformin" A one month trial was all that was necessary. Take metformin blood sugar would drop eat candy to bring it back up then next dose of pills and candy. In 2002 stopped all doctor care.. Then 2010 I fell in December and partially started living with him as Friends only for him and I was head over heels. month later at 44. I have regular monthly periods like clock work. I can feel my ovary open for release. I had major hair problems on my face it lessened. I lost almost a hundred pounds in 8 month. Has anyone heard of this happening? Oh Ps got married to the gentleman and its still consistent. From first period at age 11 to polycystic to age 19 no PMS with menses. Then menses again at 44 but I now get PMS.

Hello, I could use a bit of help. I have PCOS and have not had a natural period in about 7years. I have always had to be on medication to have one. The past 3months I have had a week of spotting to mild bleeding occurring about 2 days after having sex. I'm just not sure if this I something I should be concerned with and I would like to know what might be causing it. If anyone can help explain this to me...

Hi Jenn, You should consult a fertility doctor specializing in PCOS. It is hard to say what might be causing the spotting unless it is an irregular period, implantation bleeding, or perhaps linked to an ovarian cyst. I am not a doctor so you should have a medical evaluation. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email and we will connect you with a PCOS specialist in your area.

I had went through 5 years medication for PCOS since I was 15 years old and now I am 20 years old. I had recently went through a laparascopic operation last April 2013 to get my cysts removed. My doctor suggested it to me because she noticed I had been medicating for more than 5 years already that could also mean to damage my liver. So I agreed for the operation. The operation went well though she said it was major, for me it was minor because I was able to get up after a days rest and went okay. Anyway, after that, I asked my doctor if I would still go on with the Pill and those medications, she told me that it would be unnecessary anymore. So by May and June I had successive menstruations but by July and August, I haven't had any more periods. I would like to ask; whats going on down there? I mean, Is there any possibility that I would get again cysts around my ovaries? And what should I do about it? I am very paranoid about it right now cause I don't want to go back at it again. Please answer me. Thank you. Or PM me at madeljanine(at)yahoo(dot)com Thank you

Hi Madel, I am so sorry you are going through this. You should definitely consult your doctor to find out why you are no longer having a period. Best of luck! Kim

I found out that I ve pcos last month when I went to see a gynocologist concerning my irregular menses and inability to get pregnant.I started having irregular menses after my first menstruation,i was 15yrs then.I got pregnant twice but I aborted it.Am almost 24 now and I want to get pregnant but to no avail.Am yet to ve the symptoms of pcos which i pray that I wn't ve it.Pls someone should help me.

hi i am 29 year old n i have same porblem i am marieed i have no baby my weeding date was 2011 still i have no baby now this month my priods was stop plz can you help me whate can i do hermonal pills is accurate for me my weghit was up day by day i am canfuse plz tell my the right way

Hi Anju, You might benefit from consulting a fertility doctor. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email if you would like to schedule a consultation with a doctor near you. Best, Kim

hello i am 19 years old and i was diagnosed with cysts in both my ovaries when i was 17 years old. I am chubby. I undergo irregular periods. I am afraid whether ill b able to get pregnant after my marriage. I exercise regularly. What else should i do now?

i have a question for you all oout there that is surfuring from this diease. did you ever bleed for nine months straight and no one could tell you what is wrong and docotors treated like a teenage girl on her peroid no big deal and had to switch family doctors because my would ignor me and keep me on the same birthcontrol I was there and let me tell you it is a hard battle to fight that you have no one to help you. it took from 18 years old to 21 years of age and i have so many cyst they dont no what to do they say by the time i am in my 30s i will have to get them removed when i first got my perid at 12 i was in so much pain that i just started to cry now finding out i should have been at the hospital getting test done then but no it had to be when i was 17 i start a period not noing i was going to last a long fucking time for nine months bleeding i was to the point if i didnt no if i would wake up in the morning i did not understand and it went like this for a long time but then one night i want on a crave and ate so many different foods and was not bleeding for a bit by the time i turn 18 it all came back again for another nine and no matter what i do it would not stop i got to the point were pads and tampons where costing me way to much and i stop wearing them and again docotors ignored me think yea yea she has a nine month period and i would go in to the hospital because my boobs would be leaking to a lot and hurt a lot and i dont like hospital and after this hospital visit i was not pleased i was in the check up room and i over herd their convorsetion about me making fun of me really i drove my self here just to get made fun of never went back it kept getting wors and i started to get unwanted hair on my face and even my stomch has hair i could not believe this i am finelly getting look at but my family thinks i shoud go for herbal for pcos in canada only i dont care about travelling as long as i can be normal again PS family doesnt wonder stand where i am comming from so i no there is nothing they can do for my beause i want so long and they never cought it early enought which sucks by the way you can get this as soon as your very first period i got told

Hi evryone there hope god will soon listen to our prayers n heal us from this problm..I was diagnosed wit pcos when I was 24 n now m 29yr old..married fo last 5 yrs n yet no baby..m dying to hav a baby..all my frebs n relatives r eagrly wautun n keep on asking abt it..I get frustated smtyms .my prds are very irregular so its vry diffclt to doc gave me metformin aftr which I concvd but had a mscarriage in 9th week..I got so depresed n its almost 9 month I've not concvd again..smtyms I think y this hs happnd to me..n my problm is my weight is constantly increasin aftr ttc..5kg evry year..dont knw how to controle weight plus suggst..n god bless y all..

I was told at age 19 I had Pcos. Since then I have been on birth control pills. My Obgyn said it would help me later on to get pregnant. I always feel dizzy, tired, and moody. I was put on depression and metformin at the same time about 2 years ago. I had to go off metformin because my carbon dioxide levels dropped. I always hope I'll become pregnant and I'm sure once I settle down my doctor will help in this area.

hi,m liza,22 years old,married for 2 days.but still now i dont have any sex wid ma husband cz i think its unsafe as i m a patient of PCOD diagnosed about 4 years ago.would plz help me telling is it safe if i do sex with ma husband?

Hi Liza, Are you trying to conceive? It is safe to have sex, you should just be mindful that you may or may not be ovulating, depending on the regularity of your cycles. If you are trying to conceive, you could chart your basal body temperature or use ovulation prediction kits to determine if you are ovulating. Best, Kim

m 21 yrz old, unmarried... i have periods problem (irregular)..nd my skin is oily and s0me what acnee is also there...... fr0m 3,4 dayz i hav pain in my lower abdomen.... d0nt understand what the hell is going wrong with me :( help me out

I'm am 26 married and 2 x children both boys, one 3years and one 4months. I too was diagnosed atv14years really bad weight, and dizzyness bloating bad pains and v. Irregular periods sometime I bleed fir months with no break then have months without sometimes in quite lucky. I too wad told they were quite bad and because my irregular bleeding it was highly possible I would never get pregnant especially without help.. But keep positive I stuck with pills etc and fell pregnant 3 x times sadly one misscarridhe in 06. But I even docs as first 2 pregnancies were whilst on birth control. And last I tried for 1 year. I have been told whilst pregnant with ladt the condition has got bad and I was lucky to have fallen pregnant but I am planning to try for baby 3 v.soon. If it is unseccessfull I am just soo blessed to have two gorgeous boys x x

Wow after readin everyone response I'm happy that I'm not the only who suffers frm pcos... Haveing someone understand the depressin I had to go through for over 11 years, suffering wanting to take my own life... Havin those lonely nights where all you could think of how much joy you could have if you were able to have a child... It only seemed like everyone in the world was conceiving... Having such a heavy heart to walk around ok this dark pasti don't wanna revisit! Ladies you know exactly where I'm coming frm? Feeling as though you have to settle with a man who has kids thinking it will allievate the pain of wanting your spouse/boy friend not be in a rush to have kids when all you can do is wish you were the mother of his child...yes I've been through the mills sorry to jump right in wit out introducing myself but I have some much built up inside. I have diarrhea of the mouth, so sad but true. I'm 32yrs old still with out a child. Not giving up hope nor faith.. I rub my tummy an Say everyday my seed is planted. Heard this verse in church one day an been sayin it Eva sense. Hopefully god will continue to hear my prayers as he sees my tears on a daily bases! I've come to far to turn back an give up hope and faith. I know I will be back on here one day to give an update on my bundle of joy! Until then I will remain positive..

i am almost 19 now and was diagnosed about 16 months ago after being admitted to hospital after pains which i originally thought were my appendix. After finding out i had PCOS i tried going on the pill. Big mistake. When i found out i was chubby. The pill made me put on weight... So i stopped after 3 months. The way that i lost weight was going running for 30mins each day and cutting carbs and fats out of my diet. Im only 5'2" and now weigh 47kg. I can't stop looking weight which sounds like heaven to some and it would have to me a year ago, but it isn't. Every person is different so its worth trying out different things. Though because your daughter is young i dont recommend you put her on the pill. Change her diet so there's less meat and only give her UHT milk which should have no hormones. Also try and cut out as much carbs as possible and no fats. It does help. Exercising at least 3 times a week is also a very good idea. Once she starts to loose weight the symptoms should improve. But that's not to say they will disappear. I still have pain and irregular periods. Haven't had one in 3 months. Also try and support her relationship wise. I know Ive never wanted to get into a relationship because of my insecurities regarding my ability to have children. I also had facial hair and still do but threading every week isn't so bad. :-)

Hi Gemma,

What age did you start your period? It usually takes one year to regulate, so assuming you started your period a few years ago, you might want to ask your OB-GYN what's going on. You could have PCOS, but really the only way to tell is to have your OB-GYN run some blood tests and ultrasound.

Good luck!

In my teens i got really bad period pains, i use to have long soaks in the bath at 2am because of the pain, I'm now 32 years old, Happily married with 4 children, of my own. In my early 20s I was told I have pcos after trying to get pregnant for a year, I was given clomid for 2 cycles and metformin, I had my son now aged 5yrs, i decided not to go on birth control, because we wanted another child and what's the chance of getting pregnant naturally, I went to the doctor to refer me for fertility treatment and he put me on metformin while I was waiting, 2 months later I got pregnant with triplets now aged 2 1/2, I'm taking no more chances, it's the implant for me, I still have to shave and suffer with acne but I haven't had a period/ period pains since the triplets were born. You can get pregnant on pcos , my problem now is what next, I remember the doc saying my cyst were large and a lot when I was in the operating room having the triplets delivered, but that's it no other advise should I be concerned with the cysts, should I have them removed.

From i was 9 years old i started to develop pcos over time it got worst.My period came for 3 months straight after that it came like every other month it continued like that for 3 years then it started to come none stop. I started taking birth control because the doctor said it was irregular. Every 3 months i have to keep changing tabs because as soon as the tab get use to my body it stop help. For 5 years i've been on birth control and it didn't help at all i change doctor's all of them say the same thing until when i was 17 years old i tried another doctor and he told me to do an ultra sound and a pelvic test that's how some1 finally new what was wrong with me. now am almost 20 and still have the same problem but the good part is i,ve been off birth controls for the past 3 years now althought i still have irregular periods. Now my biggest problem is i want to get pregnant and i can't get pregnant. I wish if someone could help me. my email address is

hi...i have pcos history did 1 round of clomid50mg nd concieved...right nw i m on girl is now 1 year old nd still havnt got my periods back..was never irregular with my periods...i had my question is

1: can i take metformin while on bf
2: will it also help me getting back my periods..


Hi I'm 20 yrs old and i'm engaged. My fiancé and I have been trying to get pregnant back to back since we moved in together but with no luck. Last year I went to the emergency room for non stop bleeding and was admitted into the hospital for having a very low amount of blood in my body. They did an ultrasound and found small cysts on my ovaries and I had a blood transfusion. The doctor reassured me that I was fine so the next day after the transfusion I got to go home. He put me on a medication to stop my bleeding and then told me to take birth control in order to start my periods back up and regulate them. I did just that and my periods became like clockwork then I stopped taking them after a few months because I wanted to conceive. Just recently my periods began to get out of whack. My fiancé and I thought that It was because I was pregnant and I still believe that as well but after a few months of a no show period I got one which was more painful than ever that lasted about 10 days or less. We thought I may have miscarried. I haven't been diagnosed with pcos but most of my symptoms point to this. I don't have excessive or any facial hair though and my weight is okay and I can lose it with a healthy diet. Could my story point to pcos and where shall I go from here? I want children so badly I just pray all the time about it and hope that I will be able to conceive without ivf or something like that. - Shonnie

I am 26 and i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 19. But i havent been to a doctor since i was 20. I cry alot because i want children so bad and have never gotten pregnant yet. I have irregular periods. I had one for 6 months straight and now ive been gettin it every month but for 3 weeks at a time. After reading your stories i am going to make a appointment with a gyno. and see about getting on the metformin. The pain i have sometimes with my period is unbearable. I have to lay in bed with a heating pad on my stomach just to help, and sometimes my flow is so heavy that im running to the bathroom every 5-10 mins... Sometimes its very embarassing, and i get so depressed over this and not being able to get pregnant. But after reading these stories i have hope and am going to try.

I was diagnoses with pcos from my dermatologist...I didn't know anything about it. My GYN kept having me get D&C's. I have had a total of 5. Most of my symptoms started after I gave birth to my son at the age of 21. He is 13 now and I was a single mom for most of those years. I have now met the man of my dreams and for the past 6 months we have been trying to get pregnant with no results. My doctor has suggested metformin...but hasn't yet put me on it. My periods are very irregular...sometimes I won't get one for months at a time and then other times I will bleed for a couple of months straight. I also get very dizzy and am very tired a lot of the time. I also am suffering with chronic pancreatitus. I would really love to have a baby with this absolutely wonderful man I am going to be married to...I can only pray that it happens. I am over weight as well and it seems as though no matter how much I try or what diets I try it's very difficult to lose the weight. My doctor has told me that losing the weight would help us concieve.

Hi im 31 I was told i have pcos at age 13 i had my period for 2 hole weeks .MY mom never took me to the dr about it util i started dateing.ive to docters after docters never new what was going on I had a big feeling that i could not have a child of my own . I got married at 18 went to more docters . they told me it was all in my head or I may have a midlife baby . I cried all the time scard that they would not find out what was wrong with me . at the age of 30 I was sick felt like i had the flu or something went to the dr have me a blood test found out I was (preg) at the same time they told me your in a middle of a miscarriage they think i was only 2 weeks that was hard to hear something like that one (min) im told im (preg) at the same time i was told i lost the baby thats been a yr ago and it still hurts .went back to the dr and thats when she told me you have pcos . I all ways thought i had it i found it out by a free clinic about 6yrs ago . i was on metphormen about 11yrs off and on.thats the only thing that makes me (reg).I just hate going thru this will not wish on anyone .I did try clomed did not work for me really bad pain i would wake me up at night sreaming with pain but i keep taking it for 4mons . I told my husband it was time to stop taking it .I told my husband 13yrs old that if he want a child of his own to leave me know till this day he tells me I hurt him by saying that on the way home from the dr office. but i just cant get past the pcos.may god be with you girls and keep you strong pcos ant easy. god bless

I am 30 yrs old and have PCOS. I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago right after I had my daughter. It took me 3 years to concieve with my daughter and after she was born I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and few months later PCOS. My husband have been trying to get pregnant since but have not been able to. I currently have no insurance and can't afford fertility treatments. I can barely afford my diabetes meds. I was diagnosed with vertigo (dizziness) a couple years ago and I never put the two together and lately after gaining more weight I am constantly tired. I am hanging in and holding on to every last strand of hope that I will have another child but at this point it looks like I wont get anywhere.

I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with pcos almost 2 years ago. I am in a stage of my life where i am ready to start a family. My fiance and i have been trying to conceive for about a year now an nothing has happened. I am starting to get depressed about this. My finance said that it's okay and it will happen, but i'm not to convinced of it. I tried telling him that he don't understand how i'm feeling cause he have kids already. I can't even find anyone to give me health insurance because of this. I would love to start taking something just to see if it will help. I would be happy with one baby if it's at all possible. Going through this is really taking a lot out of me right now. It's to the point where i cry myself to sleep some nights. I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im 19 and was diagnosed when i was 17... it really sucks.. ill be the first one to say that im fat.. and i really hate it.. i mean, its not that i eat all the time, i dont. fruits and veggies. i dont drink pop, only water so i dont know how im gaining weight. also i joined a gym and i go 5 day a week for like 2 hours everyday.. and yet im still not losing what i want :(

I have had several cysts the size of a large grapefruit removed. Each time while they were in there they did an ovarian resection. Each time I conceived within 10 months, I also used clomid. I know that most docs don't do these any more but it worked for me. I now have 4 beautiful children 8,6,4,2! I have only had one miscarriage. My heart goes out to all of you, I wanted you to know that you're not alone and it is possible don't loose hope!

my periods never really had a normal cycle, it varied since i started having them. But when i was late 17 i started having problems. By the time i was 18 i wasn't having a period for months. i tried to get pregnant but it never happened. finally i went to see a gynecologist who just placed me on microgynon 30, then i begun to returned normally. eventually the irregular cycles and months of absence begun again. i found out later that my ovaries were cystic, but was convinced that it were the pills. with my gynecologist not giving me the answer i needed i turned to another doctor. i had an ultrasound done yesterday and it is confirmed that i have PCOS. i am so depressed and now my boyfriend is ignoring me. the tears won't stop and i feel so sad. what treatments is available for this condition that would enable me to get pregnant? and how do yo deal with the depression?

i just need to get this out> i feel like im going crazy i just want to cry everytime it settles in that i may never have a child. if u havent already guessed i too have pcos. and have had it since i can remember maybe 10. and docs never could narrow what it was really down til i was 18 then i was diagnosed i was pregers once and i'll never forget the feeling inside me i want to hold on to it forever. my husband is so supportive but i know and cant help but feel he deserves to have childern of his own and i will probly never be able to give that to him. it just breaks my heart, makes me feel not normal not a women. what am i really here for? it just goes on and on the questions and no answers.i too have been on metformin but it make me sick to my stomach so i am on the pill to keep me regular and not in pain, and i try to stay hopeful god is the only one who really controls it all.sometimes it all just gets built up and i need to get it out. thank u all for the lending ear

I have been diagnosed with PSOC and endometrosis. I can't find anything that has worked. I have gotten my tubes tied almost a yr ago so im not looking to get pregnant. Why won't my dr just give me a hyst? What can I do to convience him just to take it all out I don't need it any more. Im yrs old and I luckly have 3 wonderful boys, I just want my life back I hate the way this has made me feel. Please help any info will help I go to the dr tomorrow to discuss my last options. Thank you Maghan

Hi, I am 24 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago. I am married and have always wanted a child. My previous DR. kept telling me that my periods wasnormal for a kid like me because i was very active and always on the run. I bled so bad, and cramped and had no energy. I kept telling my DR that something was wrong until on day i went through 2 super plus boxes of tampons, and it got so bad that day that i had to wear pads just so i wouldn't bleed through. Well needless to say that i went to the dr that day and they told me i was down to 7 pints of blood, the next morning i go to school for about 4 hours and had to go back to the dr because i was really dizzy and i fainted on the bleechers at school. When my results came back from the lab i had drop 2 pints of blood within a 30 hour timeframe. I was 15, when i had to have a DNC and blood transfusion. I kept going to this DR until i was 19 and he didn't do anything for me besides put me on birth control which never regulated my periods. So finally i went to a specialist and with in 2 hours of meeting my new DR she diagnosed me with PCOS. I still have yet to become pregnant and the pills that she has me on don't seem to help regulate me at all. But I am happier knowing what is going on with my body then to be stuck in a black room and not knowing what is going on. I too, have been told to stay on a strick diet and I had to exercise alot. I am not obese, but yet i am not skinny. I was super skinny when i was younger, but here in the last year i have put on 60 pounds. I don't like my self, i hate the way i look and i hate my husband to even look at me as well. Can some one please help me with a Diet that works as well as exercise routines? I have been trying not to eat fatty foods, dropped all my soda intake and even started eating nothing but baked foods and steamed veggies.... THIS IS STILL NOT WORKING. I would appreciate all your comments and help as well

I'm 21 yrs old and I've had irregular periods since the beginning. When ever it does decide to come's on for up to two weeks straight. I have been on birth control for 2 months now and i still see no difference. I read all the symptoms for PCOS so now im basically self diagnoising...I was also diagnoised with SCIDs, which comes along with many other health problems of its own. If anyone has answers I'm always listening.

Hi ladies,
Im 41 and don't have kids.I was very upset for years.But i realize kids is not for everybody.I was diagnosed in 1993 with PCOS.I have very heavy peroids and facial hair.I lost weight and got on metformin for 10 yrs and i did not get preg.I've learn to be happy with my marriage{20 yrs}with no kids.It's all what you want and what god has planned for you.Im very happy not having kids which i thought i could't be for years.Don't waste your precious time worrying about something that might not happen.Life is short and sweet so enjoy it and quit worrying about something thats in god's hand.

i am only 17 years old, but i was diagnosed back in april of 2010 with pcos. the doctors say i have had it for years, but i choose to wait so long before receiving help...unfortunately i had a pretty wonderful doctor who told me absolutely NOTHING about my condition just that it was because i was over-weight. they put me on no meds or anything, so i assumed my condition was not serious until i got home and decided to do some research on the condition...honestly it tore me apart. the first thing i feared was never being able to have children and i was extremely angry at first. it still upsets me to think that i may never be able to have children. i have looked at the options and i realized there is help out there. i haven't decided the path i want to take with this, but i do know that the pain is becoming unbearable and i'm tired of feeling extreme nausea everyday. sometimes i feel dizzy too. i have considered a full hysterectomy in hopes that i would no longer be in pain, but i wanted to know if there honestly were other options to stop the pain. i have taken some of the strongest meds in attempt to avoid pain, but not even those help me. i am not sure what to do and i'd like advice from other women with my condition...i need a little bit of hope right about now too.

I to found out I have PCOS & let me tell you it all started when my second child was premature... After I had my baby my hole body was changin my cycles was all messed up I would bleed for a week stop for two then bleed again I was like what's going on cause when I worked I was so tired had very strong cramps but most of all my head would hurt so bad that I would get dizzy I even asked coworkers when ur on ur cycle does it make ur bloodpresure high cause I felt like all my blood was race n to my head & I was about to pass out on top of crampin I even had my tubes tied & now my only problem is my weight & my dr said you will gain the most in ur mid section with pcos so she has me on phentermin/adipex-p to help control my weight then we R going from there but I have been feeling so much better more energy & my healthy & I go two months without a cycle

Hello! I am twenty nine years old, and was diagnosed ten years ago with PCOS. For treatment I was prescribed Low-Ogesteral birth control pills. I took them for ten years! I have had the same OB-GYN dr for four years now and she said I could try and go off the pill and see if I could have a cycle on my own. I did and have been off them for three months now and Nothing! I feel miserable! I have all pms symtoms from time to time and nothing. I have never been pregnant ( God sent me a son! I have had him since he was 23 months old, he's now 11 years old! ) but I absoulutely had no sex drive, kept chronic yeast infections due from the pill. Can anyone relate? I don't know what to do next. Being on the pill that length of time is it unhealthy? The dr.s I have seen never suggested any thing else! I feel so nauseated, dizzy at times, and sometimes dazed and confused. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated : ) Thanks and God Bless....

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and I'm 30 years old. We have tried to get pregnant for years. Recently we decided to go to a fertility clinic. I have known that I had PCOS for quite awhile. The doctor ran other test on my husband and myself and everything was perfectly normal. We are starting Artificial Insemination with a combo of Clomid and Metformin this month. I am praying that this will be the solution for us. I have also been told that Clomid and Metformin works without the Artificial Insemination, but obviously chances are greater with AI. I can tell you one of the most unfortunate parts of PCOS is that our LH levels are always high therefore it is impossible to tell when we our ovulating through ovulation tests. If you are serious about getting pregnant I highly suggest having ultrasounds along with clomid and Metformin to determine ovulation dates. Wishing you all the best of luck and keep in mind positivity brings better results!!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in October of 2009. My husband and I have been trying to conceive. We have never in 3 years used any form of contriception. I am desperate to find a way to get pregnant. I have been to doctors and all they can tell me is you need to be on Birth Control to get regulated. Then a hormone. None of the insurances i can find will pay for the hormone because they consider it a Fertility Treatment. Any suggestions will be extremely helpful.

I was just diagnosed with pcos and am having trouble getting pregnant i have to take medicine for my period my doctor said if u don't have at least 4 periods a year right now i'm at risk of having uternie cancer

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 yrs old after seeing an endocrinologist as well as my OBGYN. I am a bit confused by all of this, I am now 27 yrs old and have seen different doctors for treatment but have gotten no where until about 8 months ago. I was scheduled for an external and internal ultra sound to see if I have any cysts on my ovaries to the drs surprise I have no cysts. They are still treating me for PCOS due to the symptoms that I have, missed/irregular periods, excessive hair growth, and weight change, they started me on metformin 500 mg 2x a day and birth control pills. I have noticed a slight change in my menstrul cycle but I am still not getting a straight answer from my doctor regarding pregnancy. I want to know will I be able to conceive a child and carry to term. I have no cysts on my ovaries but I am producing a larger amount of Testosterone due to the PCOS if there is another alternative I would like to know and what is the best way to treat this naturally I don't want to be on pills the rest of my life and I would like to conceive a child naturally without horomones or fertility drugs if anyone has any answers or a similar experience please let me know


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