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Buying Fertility Drugs

The fertility clinic writes you a prescription for fertility drugs, and you head to a local pharmacy to fill it. Right? Not so fast. Many types of pharmacies exist to fill your prescription.

You’ve got options on where to buy fertility drugs – and decisions to make. Base those decisions on several factors: cost of fertility medications, convenience, ease of purchase, which pharmacies will have medications in stock, and the level of customer service the pharmacy will provide.

Choices include:

  • Specialty fertility pharmacy
  • Online pharmacy
  • Local pharmacy
  • Big-box drugstore

So talk with your clinical team and see if they have any recommendations, and take a few minutes to shop around.

For a check list of questions to ask a pharmacy, follow this link.


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The EU Tissues and Cells Directive sets out standards of quality and safety that should be met within countries within the EU/EEA, but the HFEA recommends that in any case, would-be patients should research their chosen clinic thoroughly and ask about its standards of treatment and care. Important differences between treatment in the UK.

Hi i am a 46years old and never had any children of my own i pray that one day i will be able to have my own, i have raised 2 children who are now in collage, and would love to have a baby with my husband that i have love for over 20year, the doctor told me my eggs were no longer good and that i would have to try using a much young egg, is there a another way of doing this i would rather trying using my eggs first, do you have any suggestion.


My partner and I have been trying for a baby for 4 years, I have had 3 misscarriges and every test possible performed by doctors gyno and baby clinics there is nothing wrong with my hormoans I use a home ovulation test every month and I ovulate fine but still nothing.
I dont no what else I can do im fit and healthy do everything right my partner is just as if not healther than me and already has 2 children so its not him.
What do I try next??????

am married for 12years and have never had kid! please help.may be i need to boost sperm count. Advice which drugs to take. Thankyou

my problem is i been trying to get pregnant for several years and i went to the ob/gyn doctor and they did sm kind of laproscopy test where they shoot the dye in your insides and look around well had that done in 95 or 96 and i still havent had any success.what would u suggest. and my test results came back that i could concieve .please help!!!!!

for 6 months, my husband and i were trying to have a baby. it was a bit difficult or me to accept that i dont conceive easily. he already had a baby so i cant say that he got a problem regarding this matter. i never went to a doctor. . what should we do to have a baby.?

There are a number of reasons you might not be getting pregnant, and you should absolutely see a fertility doctor to get help figuring out why. A fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist, can do a fertility workup - testing - to determine why you're not getting pregnant and help you get pregnant. There's a search on every page of, to find a doctor or clinic in your area - just type in your zip code. You can also go to and fill out a form to find a fertility doctor that is right for you.

Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out.

please help me i me and my boyfriend want to have a baby soon and we want to know what should we do to have a baby.

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