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Other Medications


Aspirin has been found to help women who have recurrent miscarriages and high levels of antiphospholipid antibodies, which can cause the blood to become much thicker than usual and develop clots. Aspirin is taken orally in small daily doses (between 78 and 81 milligrams of acetylsalicylic acid) to make the blood platelets less “sticky” and allow the blood to travel more easily through the placenta to the baby. Aspirin is typically given along with heparin.

Recent studies have shown that aspirin appears to increase the activity of the ovaries, allowing them to release multiple eggs during ovulation, as well as increasing blood flow to the uterus, which allows for a thicker and healthier uterine lining.

Aspirin therapy is extremely inexpensive—a box of 300 low-dose generic aspirin can cost as little as $3.99.


Heparin (brand names include Calciparine, Liquaemin, Warfarin, Coumadin) is an anticoagulant that is sometimes used by women who have recurrent miscarriages or stillbirths. Given in conjunction with low-dose aspirin therapy, heparin works by inactivating a compound called thrombin that is essential to the clotting process.

Heparin can be taken orally or it can be injected. The price for 30 tablets is approximately $50.


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i m trying to conceive from last 3 months and my cycle is 34 days. please help me with my most fertile time so that it would help me to conceive.

I was just wondering, is there a medication for woman who ovulate regularly, who's eggs just may need something to help them be more fertile? My husband and I have taken all the tests and everything is normal. So what does this mean? Are my eggs just not good? Is there any meds that can help this?

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant too it's been 1yr and 9 months that we haven't got pregnant. They had told me to try a tea they said that this tea would help you get pregnant in a month, so my husband and I will try it , if you and your wife want to try it too let me know so I can give you the whole information.

Permalink...what was the tea, and did it work?

My wife is allergic to every kind of antibiotic she's ever tried: macrolides, floros, ketolides, augmentin, amoxi, ceflosporins. Now, she is being asked to complete a round or treatment in conjunction with FET and we need an alternative! Any suggestions?

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