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Questions to Ask Your Fertility Clinic about Gender Selection

Ask questions about gender selection.

If you are interested in gender selection, it's important to know that it may not be offered at your fertility clinic, or it may be offered only under certain circumstances.

The ethics committee for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), which is the leading organization for information, education and advocacy in the field of reproductive medicine, has stated: “Physicians should be free to offer preconception gender selection in clinical settings to couples who are seeking gender variety in their offspring if the couples are 1) fully informed of the risks of failure, 2) affirm that they will fully accept children of the opposite sex if the preconception gender selection fails, 3) are counseled about having unrealistic expectations about the behavior of children of the preferred gender, and 4) are offered the opportunity to participate in research to track and assess the safety, efficacy and demographics of preconception selection.”

To follow are some questions you may want to ask your fertility doctor about gender selection:

  • Does this fertility clinic offer gender selection for non-medical purposes?
  • Do I have to have a child of the opposite gender in order to use gender selection?
  • Do I have to have another reason for in vitro fertilization in order to use gender selection?
  • What is your procedure for sex selection?
  • What method of genetic analysis do you use for sex selection?
  • Is the genetic testing done in your in-house lab, or do you send it elsewhere?
  • What are the risks to the embryo with genetic testing for sex selection?

Looking for a fertility doctor who specializes in gender selection? Our Patient Care Coordinators can help! Give them a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229).


Comments (4)

Hello, I live in mechanicsburg and am looking for gender selection and want to have a BOY as i already have a 3yrs old girl. May I know do you have a clinic in mechanicsburg? if so can you please provide the address? what other benefits other than selecting a BOY does the gender selection offer? can we also know if the baby is all good in terms of health? Tthanks

I am inquiring for my 29 year old son. He is married to a 28 year old women with a 6 year old girl from a previous marriage. They had a baby girl 1/15/2014, my son's first child. He works full time and his wife stays home with the girls. His salary is les than $40,000/year. He wants a son but doesn't want to have too many childern that he could not provide for them properly. This is why he has questions about gender selection. Would his situation be appropriate for gender selection?

Many fertility clinics offer gender selection for family balancing - in this case having a boy when you've already had a girl. Costs are upwards of $20,000. If you'd like more info, please contact our Patient Care Advocates at or 855-955-2229. Best, Claire

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