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Fertility Boosters

There are many ways you can naturally boost your fertility through diet, exercise and alternative treatments.

Fertility Boosters Articles

Are you thinking about trying to conceive? Then now is the time to get your body in baby-ready shape!

Taking care of your body before you try to get pregnant may help you get pregnant. It can also improve the critical first few weeks of fetal development — a time you might not even know you’re pregnant.

Here are 10 tips to help you feel your best and keep your reproductive system functioning at its best.

Exercise has a variety of effects on the body, so it’s no wonder that it can also play a role in fertility. Too much exercise, and fertility levels can drop greatly, especially if you’re underweight. On the flip side, too little exercise can also lower chances of conceiving, especially if you’re overweight.

Ob/Gyns have long advocated for future moms to start eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables before becoming pregnant, and to bump up their intake of iron and folic acid (a B vitamin to help prevent neurological birth defects that may occur in the first three months of pregnancy). Now, there is a strong case to be made that couples struggling with infertility can benefit from dietary changes.

Fertility Boosters Videos

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According to Dr. David Keefe, a New York fertility doctor at NYU Fertility Center, there are a number of lifestyle factors that affect fertility and egg quality including smoking, weight, certain drugs and genetic problems