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Fertility Treatment Costs

Consultations, tests, medications, and procedures are included in fertility treatment costs.

Fertility Treatment Costs Articles

IVFAdvantage is the first and only IVF savings program created by fertility patients for fertility patients to help you save on IVF costs and IVF treatment. IVFAdvantage Savings typically includes the following for a fresh IVF cycle: Cycle monitoring – 7 to 12 days of daily hormone testing and ultrasounds and more.

A variety of consultations, tests, medications, and procedures are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. These tests and treatments can be expensive, and health insurance plans offer varying degrees of coverage, if they offer coverage at all. Know what the average fertility treatment costs are, so you can plan accordingly.

In vitro fertilization IVF refund programs can help you save money on Fertility treatment and IVF. An IVF Refund program will return money to you if IVF is unsuccessful.