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Fibroids and Polyps

Fibroids and polyps are benign growths in the uterus that may cause infertility or recurrent miscarriage.

Fibroids and Polyps Articles

Most fibroids are harmless, and many women never experience any symptoms from them. It is important that women visit their doctor for a proper diagnosis of fibroids.

Fibroids and polyps are often discovered during a pelvic exam. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor may ask you to have a trans-vaginal or pelvic ultrasound, an MRI, or an endometrial biopsy. Among treatments for fibroids and polyps is hysterectomy, embolization, or hormone therapy.

Myometcomy is a type of surgery to treat fibroids, the round growths in the uterus that are usually benign (non-cancerous). Fibroids can range in size from pea-sized to melon-sized, and the growths are classified by their location, with four primary types.