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Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment

There are many situations in which a woman's pelvic anatomy is disrupted, and the condition causing infertility is treatable with surgery.

Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment Articles

A woman’s pelvic anatomy can be disrupted by various conditions that can interfere with her chances of achieving a successful pregnancy, and in many situations, the condition causing infertility is treatable with surgical options. These women may be labeled with unexplained infertility, when, in fact, surgical treatment could help.

Hypospadia is a birth defect in which the opening of the urethra, which is normally found on the tip of the penis, is located instead on its underside. This is important when trying to conceive, since the urethra carries semen out of the body.

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How Do I Choose a Doctor for Surgical Treatment for Infertility?

If you need surgery to treat infertility, first and foremost make sure you're seeing a reproductive endocrinologist - fertility doctor - who is experienced in providing the treatment you need, explains Dr. Amos Madanes of Midwest Fertility Center.

Fertility Outpatient Surgery: What to Expect

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