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Frozen Egg Banks: Where to Start

Frozen egg banks are a valuable resource for women and couples alike. While many frozen egg banks focus on the cost and time savings they can provide to couples during a donor egg IVF cycle, they offer other services as well.

Some of the most common reasons for using an egg bank include:

  • Singles or couples in need of donor eggs for an IVF cycle.
  • Women interested in egg freezing for fertility preservation
  • A healthy young woman looking to donate her eggs

If you’re considering a frozen egg bank, though, you may not know where to start. You should research which fertility clinics an egg bank is affiliated with and understand how the egg bank operates. Asking questions will help you make an informed decision about which frozen egg bank is right for you.

Some frozen egg banks to explore are:

  • My Egg Bank North America (MEB-NA), established by Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, Georgia. MEB-NA is a network of high quality infertility centers providing frozen donor egg bank services to patients across the United States and Canada.
  • World Egg Bank based in Phoenix, AZ and partnered with fertility clinics worldwide.
  • Donor Egg Bank USA is a network of top fertility clinics providing patients with frozen egg services throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Fairfax Egg Bank is part of the Genetics & IVF Institute, located in Fairfax, Virginia in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

If you are interested in frozen egg banks or egg donation, we can help. Contact our Patient Care Coordination Team for more information and to help you start the donor egg process today.

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