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At Home IUI, artificial insemination, for lesbian couples

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At Home IUI (artificial insemination) for lesbian couples

Lesbian couples often face additional challenges related to pregnancy, in comparison to straight couples. First of all, they must determine which partner will carry the pregnancy, and, in order to conceive, they must use donor sperm.
Artificial insemination is a common choice for lesbian couples looking to build their family. With artificial insemination, sperm is placed into the woman’s reproductive tract by means other than sexual intercourse. This allows the sperm to be near the site of fertilization, making it more likely that the fertilization will occur.

There are many sperm banks out there that work with lesbian couples to help them achieve their family-building goals. Once you purchase sperm from a sperm bank, you will need to decide if you want to have the artificial insemination done in a fertility clinic or in an at-home insemination. At the fertility clinic, the process is referred to as intrauterine insemination, or IUI. In this procedure, the sperm is “washed” and then placed directly into the uterus. For at-home insemination, the sperm does not need to be “washed” first, as the sperm will be placed close to your cervix.

Many women choose at home insemination in order to avoid going to a fertility clinic. Of course, an at home insemination is cheaper, but many women also prefer it because it they can do the process in the comfort of their own home. Since trying to conceive can already be a stressful time, some women find the at home insemination process to cause them less anxiety. Plus, it allows for more partner involvement, which can be important to many couples.

You have several options when it comes to at home insemination. Most sperm banks will provide you with the tools and instructions you need if you choose to artificially inseminate at home. In most cases, these will include needleless syringes, which you will use to draw up the sperm and then insert the sample into your vagina, close to your cervix. Afterwards, you will recline with your hips up for about 30 minutes.

If you do not want to use a syringe, there are several at home insemination kits available that use different means to place the sperm near the site of fertilization. Many of these at home insemination kits use cervical caps. Sperm is placed into a small cervical cap, which is then deposited close to your cervix. Afterwards, you’ll keep it in place for up to six hours before you remove it.

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Looking for a sperms bank here in the Austin TX area that will work with my partner and i to do an at home insemination any suggestions?

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