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Yoga may seem to be hip and trendy, but it is a homeopathic form of exercise and stress relief first practiced in the Far East more than 5,000 years ago. The word “yoga” means “to join” in Sanskrit, and the concept of yoga is that it joins the body and the mind to create a balanced life. Modern day studies, however, have found that yoga is also beneficial to parents hoping to conceive, serving as a way for couples to ease stress. In fact, women who participate in yoga and relaxation techniques were three times more likely to conceive, according to research out of Harvard Medical School.

Types of Yoga

Yoga is practiced in a variety of forms. Each type of yoga uses physical postures, but differ slightly with modifications.

  • Hatha. A slow-paced and gentle yoga, this is traditional yoga and good for beginners
  • Vinyasa. Uses breath-synchronized poses where each move is matched to a breath
  • Ashtanga. A fast-paced, more aerobic yoga
  • Bikram. Also known as hot yoga, this type practices in a room of 95 to 100 degrees in temperature to cause sweating and release toxins from the body

Prenatal yoga is also offered in studios and fitness centers, offering up the basic poses to stretch the body, and relieve tension and stress. Yoga is considered safe during pregnancy, so even if you are new to it, you can begin in the first or second trimester without harming your baby.

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