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Atlanta, GA, Fertility Guide

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Atlanta, GA

One of the first fertility clinics in the United States opened its doors in Atlanta.

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The use of single embryo transfer in IVF is a way to reduce the risk of multiples when fertility drugs help create multiple eggs for fertilization.Atlanta fertility doctor David Keenan, who treats fertility patients at Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine provides more information.

All injectable fertility drugs that stimulate the ovaries have one thing in common, the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), explains Dr. Daniel Shapiro, an Atlanta fertility doctor with Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta. These fertility drugs drugs are used with some IUI cycles and in IVF cycles.

In general, pregnancy success rates using donor egg are high because the eggs are from women in their 20s. Dr. Jim Toner, a fertility doctor with Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, explains that the use of genetic testing further increases the success rates, even with single embryo transfer.

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