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Chicago, IL, Fertility Guide

Chicago, IL

Some of the top fertility doctors in the country are based in Chicago, IL.

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PCOS is Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome. There a specific signs that a patient may have PCOS. A few symptoms that go along with PCOS are abnormal periods, elevated male hormones and excessive hair growth. If physicians rule out thyroid and adrenal diseases it can direct the doctor to a proper diagnosis. There are also significant health issues that are correlated with PCOS. A few of these are diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. Dr. Laurence Jacobs from Fertility Centers of Illinois explains.

There is a correlation between PCOS and obesity. They both have the underlying problem of insulin resistance. With patients who have PCOS as well as patients who are obese they both suffer from over stimulation of insulin. The body is unable use it properly which results in a variety of changes which alter hormone levels and potentially affect the quality of one's eggs. There are three independent factors that can affect PCOS in a positive way. These three things are weight loss, medications, and exercise. Dr. Laurence Jacobs from Fertility Centers of Illinois explains.

It is a term for technology to see if an embryo had a normal genetic makeup in order to have a successful pregnancy and delivery. They can accurately look at all of the chromosomal pairs. It can detect whether the embryo has the correct number of chromosomes. It is a much safer procedure where embryologists only remove a few cells. Dr. Eric Forman from Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey explains.

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