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Causes and Treatment of Tubal Factor Infertility

April 17, 2013

Women who are having trouble trying to conceive may be surprised to find that tubal factor infertility is the reason for not getting pregnant. The fallopian tubes allow an egg to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. The fimbriated ends of the tubes grab hold of the egg and cilia help to pass the egg down to the uterus. Fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes, so sperm must be able to enter the fallopian tubes. A blockage or structural damage to the fallopian tubes could significantly impact each of these processes and could also increase a woman’s risk of ectopic pregnancy.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Tampa

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the more advanced fertility treatments to help couples conceive. There are a few different types of IVF protocols and your fertility doctor will work with you to customize your treatment plan.

Fertility Treatment Costs in Tampa

tampa fertility doctor
Financing treatment, low cost IVF and more

Costs for tampa fertility doctors and for Tampa fertility patients can be extremely high. Fortunately there are some financial options that may lessen the burden for women and men trying to conceive with the help of a tampa fertility doctor. Ask your Tampa fertility clinic what options they are offering to help with the cost of fertility treatment.

When to See a Tampa Fertility Doctor

It might be time to move on from your OB/GYN

There are approximately 320,000 people with infertility in Florida. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected, well-timed sex if a woman in under the age of 35, or six months if she is over the age of 35. Women who suffer from multiple miscarriage are also considered infertile. If you fit the definition of infertility, it is recommended that you transition from your obstetrician/gynecologist to a fertility doctor, called a reproductive endocrinologist. There are four fertility clinics located in the Tampa-St.

Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Tampa

Many factors will influence your choice of fertility clinic

In Florida, there are 29 fertility clinics that currently treat women with infertility problems. These clinics are either independent clinics or are associated with area universities or hospitals. In the Tampa area, which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater, there are four fertility clinics with 11 fertility doctors working with them.

Tampa Fertility Clinic Success Rates

Couples looking to choose a fertility clinic often turn to success rates to help them make their decision. An important research tool is the Centers for Disease Control’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Report. This report includes IVF success rates for every practicing fertility clinic in the United States, and breaks down the information by type of procedure performed, diagnoses treated, and age of the woman. It also includes profiles of each clinic and the patients they accept.

Tampa Attorneys and Family Building Law

Hire a lawyer if using donor egg or sperm and surrogacy or adopting

New advances in assisted reproductive technologies have begun to change the legal field. Recently, new legal issues have emerged because of infertility treatments that utilize a third party, such as egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donors, and surrogates. Some attorneys and law offices are now specializing in the emerging field of Family Building Law and Reproductive Technology Law.

Using an Egg Donor in Tampa

There were 135 donor egg cycles in Tampa in 2007

The most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report details information on the number of fresh donor and frozen donor cycles in the Tampa area.

Donor Egg Success Rates in Tampa

Number of live births from donor eggs in Tampa

The following data, from the most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), detail the number of donor egg IVF cycles at Tampa fertility clinics and the number of live births.

Using a Surrogate in Tampa, FL

Image of Surrogate, Surrogacy Tampa
Florida has clear, comprehensive surrogacy laws

Choosing a surrogate can be a smart family-building option for women who have difficulty conceiving due to certain medical conditions or cannot carry a pregnancy to term. A surrogate is a woman who carries and gives birth to a child for another woman or a couple.

Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment in Tampa

Unfortunately, Florida does not have a mandate requiring insurance coverage

As many couples undergoing infertility treatments already know, the road to family-building can be an expensive one. However, some couples looking to their health insurance companies to defray some of the costs may find themselves out of luck.

Currently, only 15 states have mandates that require health insurance companies to either offer coverage or provide coverage for infertility treatments. Unfortunately for Tampa residents, Florida does not currently have any laws that require such coverage.

Infertility Support in Tampa

Get help managing the emotional aspect of infertility

Infertility treatments can bring up a wide range of emotions, including fear, uncertainty, anger, depression, and anxiety. It may cause stress in relationships, especially when couples argue about the financial and emotional toll of the infertility treatments. Partners may feel guilty for contributing to the infertility struggle, and they may place blame on themselves for the failure to conceive.

Clinical Trials in Tampa, Florida

Image of Fertility Clinical Trials
Fertility-related clinical trials in the Tampa area of Florida

Clinical trials examine a particular health issue in a carefully controlled and regulated environment, and test a certain factor or factors with the goal of improving the lives of the people who suffer with that health issue. Each clinical trial has a set purpose, length of time, and patient criteria necessary for acceptance. They often run simultaneously at different locations around the country, and each monitor and evaluate their participants and different intervals.

Freezing Eggs in Tampa

Vitrification and preserving fertility in Tampa, FL

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, has been around for several decades; however, it was not very successful until recently. With conventional egg freezing, ice crystals would develop in the eggs. A newer process called "vitrification" has solved the problem of ice crystal formation by cooling at an extremely rapid rate.

Age and Fertility in Tampa, FL

age and fertility.jpg
How does age affect fertility?

With more women working and a global recession that has encouraged people to put off starting families, many women in Tampa, FL, are waiting until their 30s and 40s to before they try to get pregnant. In the United States, about 20 percent of women have their first child after age 35. Unfortunately, research has shown that a woman’s fertility begins to decline in her late 20s (even though her overall chances of becoming pregnant do not start to decline so soon).


Tampa, Florida

Florida is a large state with a total of 29 fertility clinics throughout the state. Four of those fertility clinics are located on Florida’s West Coast in Tampa, an area that includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater.