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Fertility Nurse of the Month, Leslie Whalen, B.S.N

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“The compassion expressed during every stage. The time and patience taken to make sure medications/dosage were thoroughly understood. When my IVF didn't take, the compassion and relationship was so tightly bonded that she made me know I wasn't alone. I got through this because of her.” These are the reasons a fertility patient nominated Leslie Whalen, B.S.N. for Nurse of the Month.

Egg Freezing Protocol Considerations for Cancer Patients

March 12, 2013

For cancer patients looking to preserve their fertility via egg freezing or embryo freezing, there are several ways in which fertility doctors can quickly and cautiously stimulate the ovaries to produce a great number of eggs with few risks.

Secondary Infertility: What You May Not Know About TTC the Second Time Around

November 29, 2012

Whether you’ve battled primary infertility or having your first child was a breeze, many couples do not realize that they are at risk for secondary infertility. Some believe that having a baby after primary infertility suddenly flipped the “fertility switch” so they will not experience difficulty conceiving in future attempts. Those who have never faced fertility struggles may be taken by surprise when they realize they are not getting pregnant as easily as expected.

Columbus Clinical Trials

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Understand the risks and the benefits

In Ohio, there are 10 clinical trials related to infertility that are either recruiting new participants, in progress, or recently completed. Of that number, three infertility clinical trials take place in Columbus.

Columbus, OH, Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

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The issues can become complicated

With the recent advances in third-party assisted reproductive technologies, such as egg donors, sperm donors and surrogates, a new specialization in the law field has emerged to deal with these legal issues. Some attorneys and law offices specialize in this new field to represent the rights of those building their families through ART or adoption.

Columbus Infertility Support

Seek help from a therapist when you get overwhelmed

As you navigate through the infertility treatment process, you may find yourself suffering from certain emotional issues. Fertility treatments can often contribute to relationship strain, especially when the partners disagree on the extent to which the treatment is pursued, in terms of time and cost. Furthermore, many women place blame on themselves for failure to conceive, and feel guilty for “letting down” their partners.

Insurance Coverage in Columbus, OH

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Finding out if fertility treatments are covered

The cost of IVF, fertility drugs and other infertility treatments can often place a heavy financial toll on couples. As a way to shoulder some of the costs, many look toward their insurance coverage, and are often disappointed when they discover their services aren’t covered by health insurance .

Surrogacy in Ohio

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Traditional and gestational surrogacy

Surrogacy is a third-party form of assisted reproductive technology in which a woman carries a child for a woman or a couple.

There are two types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the woman is inseminated with sperm, either from the male partner or from a sperm donor. The resulting child is biologically related to the surrogate, since her own eggs were used.

Columbus, OH Egg Donor Cycle Success Rates

Data from the CDC

The following data is from the most recentAssisted Reproductive Technology Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It shows statistics on the number of fresh and frozen IVF egg donor cycles and the number of live births at fertility clinics in the Columbus, OH region.

Using an Egg Donor in Columbus

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Donors, clinics and agencies

According to the 2007 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were a total of 349 donor egg IVF cycles in the state of Ohio, including 194 cycles using fresh donor eggs and 155 cycles using frozen donor eggs. The city of Columbus had a total of 46 donor egg IVF cycles.

Columbus Fertility Clinic Success Rates

Data from the CDC

Every year, fertility clinics are required by law to submit their IVF success rates to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This data is then compiled into the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report. It takes the CDC three years to produce this report.

Choosing an Infertility Clinic in Columbus

Image of Infertility Clinic, Columbus
Examining your options

There are 12 fertility clinics operating in the state of Ohio, including one clinic located directly in Columbus. Five fertility doctors are currently practicing in the Columbus area, and an additional 49 are located in other areas of Ohio. These fertility doctors practice in affiliation with fertility clinics, universities, or hospitals in Ohio.

Columbus Infertility Clinic Options

Is It Time to See a Fertility Doctor?

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Know when the time is right to see a reproductive endocrinologist

There are more than 250,000 people currently struggling with infertility in the state of Ohio. If a woman has been unable to conceive for six months to one year, she should transfer from her obstetrician/gynecologist to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), also known as a fertility doctor. There are approximately 54 fertility doctors practicing in the entire state of Ohio.