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Treatment Options

Many couples spend months or years trying to conceive prior to seeking answers from an infertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist or urologist). If you have had difficulty conceiving and have had an infertility workup that diagnosed your infertility to be “male factor” it is recommended that you seek treatment for your condition in a timely fashion. There are many treatment options available for male infertility including minimally invasive procedures, surgery, and medications.

Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), sometimes referred to as artificial insemination, is a common procedure for treating mild male factor infertility. The male partner produces a sperm sample, either at home or in the physician’s office, and the sperm is then “washed” or prepared for IUI. A small catheter is inserted through the woman’s cervix to inseminate the sperm, around the time of ovulation. Success rates vary for this minimally-invasive procedure are based on many factors including female age.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Some of most well-known forms of treatment for infertility are known as assisted reproductive technologies (ART). ART includes in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). IVF is a method of combining eggs with sperm in a laboratory and then transferring resulting fertilized eggs to the uterus. With ICSI, a single sperm is injected into a female egg prior to IVF to increase the odds of fertilization. Of the many treatment options available, these technologies are often met with the highest success rates, although again, there are many variables that impact success.


Surgical procedures treat various forms of male infertility. In the case of a varicocele that is causing pain or damage to the testicle, varicocele ligation may be considered. This involves tying off distended veins where a varicocele is present.


There are also medications available to treat male factor infertility, including Clomid and Serophene. Clomid, which is widely known as a medication prescribed to women suffering from infertility, as well as Serophene are sometimes prescribed to men to increase sperm count.


Comments (22)

my sperm count 25millions /ml and all are " non -motile".
my age is 33 and my wife is of 23 and we are married since last two years what should we proceed ;
is there any medications or treatment possible /

please kindly help me am a man of 49 with a child ,the doctor has said
i have no spamatozoa in my spem please kindly give me a helping hand
i need a child of my blood
i will be grateful if this message recieves you attention
i dont whant to die without a child everyone in my family has except me
please let me hear from you


I am a male and my wife and I have been married since 2007 but we have been unable to bring forth a child. I did multiple tests and I was told that I have little or no sperm at all. We are desperately in need of having our own child and this is weighing a lot on our marriage now. Please, what do I do to increase or have enough sperm?

please help me i have low sperm count i cant get my gf pregnant and we have been trying sinse 2004 and i want a child

My partner experiences retrograde some of the time and very low sperm count between 1 mill with 13 percent motility the lab threw it out because it was not 20 mill which is their requirement for freezing to do an insemination this week coming when he is in another country. We were disapointed the center did not inform us of their policy. So later that night we had relations the next morning we did a semen test again with out waiting 48 hours and suprising got 7 mill with 50 percent motility with barley anything in the cup! I made them freeze it for a iui because he would not be back from Dubai for the IUI. I wanted to take the risk. Is there any clinic in Dubai to help him/us there? What can he do to increase his counts accross the board? Can it be frozen there and inseminated in FL on Thursday coming?
Please help! this has been a 1.5 yrs in trying and he does have a 3 yr old. I am 41 he is 35 I have been thru 3 cycles of Letrozole and this is day seven. Doing my first shot of Follistim tomorrow. Please help

i'm married for the last 20 years,my wife: 40 years me: 42years i'm had identified with azospermia by biopsy in one of my testes ,also the dr. tell me my testes it's no normal size look small or not grow normally.
my testes it's very sensitive have some pain with touch little strong.
there are some treatment to fix this problem?? and will be expensive??please help us we wish get pregnat for 20 years!!we try 6 years ago with IUI with sperm donor for 3 cycles but nothing!!(she is ok to get pregnat i'm the problem)

I am male and 38 years old. I had cyclophosphamide therapy and have no active sperm. Is it possible to have a baby with my own dna at all?

My husband & I have been trying to concieve for 2 yrs. now. We just found out that he has a zero sperm count, but he has 3 children, how could this happen and what do we do now?????

Personal Information
Married since 10 years 6 Months
Trying to get pregnant since : 7 years Months
Trying to get pregnant with the help of doctor since : 0 years 6 Months
Type of Doctor : Infertility Specialist
Reason of Infertility : Male Factor Infertility,
Female History
Female Age : 38
Height : 5.5
Weight : 74
Menstrual periods occur every : 24-28 Days
Are they regular? yes
How many days do you bleed? 5 Days
Have you been told you have endometriosis? no
Have you ever had pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? no
Have you had any pelvic surgery? no
Are there any miscarriages? no
Did you have any tubal (ectopic) pregnancies? no
Are there live births? no
Medical problems and current medications of female partner:

Male History:
Male Age: 38
Are there any pregnancies with previous partner? no
Do you have problems with erection or ejaculation ? no
Semen Analysis Report
Date: 2010-06-02
Sperm Count : 2million
Motility :
Morphology : Rare sluggish & Non motile Spermatozoa seen. Pus Cell-Plenty. Impression - Oligospermia

Medical Tests
Hysterosalpingogram ( X-ray of the uterus and tubes) no
Laparoscopy ( telescope placed through the belly button to see inside your abdomen) no
Hysteroscopy ( telescope placed into the uterus through the vagina to see the inside of the uterus) : no
Hormonal blood tests :
FSH : no
LH : no
Prolactin : no
TSH : no
Other : no

Medical Treatments
Ultrasound monitoring : no
Clomiphene stimulation with intercourse : no
Clomiphene stimulation with insemination (IUI) : no
HMG stimulation with intercourse : no
(IUI) without any stimulation : no
Injectable HMG stimulation with insemination (IUI) : no
In vitro fertilization (IVF) : no
ICSI : no
Are there other pertinent test results, procedures or problems that have been identified : Atrophic right testes with no significant flow demonstrated on clour doppler analysis. Left grade I varicocoele Left testes is normal. Auto Immunity Test: Sperm Antibody (ASAB) (Total), serum by EIA (Observed Value-5.31) Complete blood count with ESR/ Routine Urine Analysis (Pus Cell-3-5/H.P.F)

My Question : Pus Cell: Plenty in semen Analysis. 2million sperm count only. Rare sluggish and Non motile Spermatozoa seen in semen analysis. Remedies/ Medicine Required to cure the same

I have retrograde ejaculation from diabetes which prevent sperm from coming out of my penis is there any way me and my wife can have kids please help.

pls help me i have a low sperm count that has made my erection weak. what do i take to solve this probelm

I have above given problem.
I got erection right but not for long time above that I am suffering from preejaculation. It happens as I enter.Few second may be.

Please help me.

Help? My husband has a vasectomy, we have been together for 7 years and would like to get pregnet. The urologist says we may not have luck with a reverseral. What is my best options and cheapest?

You should check out Blessed Arrows on line. My husband had his vasectomy 7 years ago also, and we found a doctor on the blessed arrows website named Dr. Loddie Roderer in New Braunfels,TX he did our reversal on Oct. 15th of this year. We loved him and his staff! It was cheaper for us to fly to texas and stay ina a hotel than to have it done here in town locally by several thousand dollars!! Good luck!!

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