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Cooler Months Raise Sperm Quality, Chance of Producing a Baby

The Jerusalem Post,  Aug 7, 20
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Couples who have fertility problems due to low-quality sperm would be well advised to plan their calendars: Soroka University Medical Center researchers have found that the quality of semen – both the amount of sperm and their motility – is better in the winter and the fall than in the spring or summer. Dr. Eliahu Levitas, a senior physician in the hospital’s in-vitro fertilization unit, reported to a recent meeting of the Israel Society for Fertility Research about his statistical study of 6,453 semen samples collected at Soroka.
He found that in the spring, there begins a decline in the concentration of sperm in the semen as well as their ability to impregnate ova. The decline continues through the summer and continues into the autumn months.

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