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New Test Could Count Down Fertility Years

CBS News,  April 11, 2009

Menopause Onset Predictors In Blood Could Forecast Length Of Women's Remaining Child-Bearing Windows

A new blood test measuring levels of AMH, or anti-mullerian hormone, and inhibin-B, could predict how long women have before menopause sets in and how long a woman has left to have a child.

AMH levels decrease as a woman approaches menopause. So researchers at the University of Michigan looked into whether the levels of the two hormones could accurately predict the timing of a woman's last menstrual period.

The test is becoming available at more and more at clinics across the country. Right now, you have to ask your doctor if you'd like to have it done. But it's growing in popularity, and there's even a company working on a version of the AMH detection test that will be directly marketed to women. It would cost about $350. The current cost of the test is $100 to $400. But more insurance companies are covering the test, so check with your obstetrician and insurance company if you have interest in exploring it.

You can learn more about the test here:


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