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Q&A Food and Fertility: If I cut out alcohol and caffeine will I really have as much chance of conceiving as if I try IVF?

Time Online U.K.,  Aug 10, 2009

We have all heard stories about friends coming back from a wine-soaked holiday to discover, to their astonishment, that they are pregnant. There’s a palpable sense of how did that happen? The reality is that, for most women struggling with fertility problems, this is the exception rather than the rule. However, research does suggest that taking care of what we put in our bodies may have a profound effect on upping our chances of getting a positive pregnancy test, even to the point of being as effective as IVF treatment.

In a review of the recent research, Dr Emma Derbyshire and her team from Manchester Metropolitan University revealed that in one study, while intrauterine insemination and ovarian stimulation gave a success rate of 33 per cent in conception, dietary advice was virtually as effective, leading to a 32 per cent success rate.
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