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Is In Vitro Fertilization Being Overused?

CBS,  Aug 12, 2009
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A pioneer of in vitro fertilization says the procedure is being overused, and that nearly half of all procedures are unnecessary.

IVF Pioneer Tells The Early Show Nearly 50 Percent of Procedures are Unnecessary

In his new book, "Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility," Dr. Sami David takes the billion-dollar business to task.

Dr. David stopped by The Early Show to explain

"The IVF team has gone amok as far as I'm concerned, all right? There are countless women who are going through IVF unnecessarily. They don't realize they're treatable causes for their infertility. They're not having a deep enough evaluation in many cases," he explained.

Asked why he thinks doctors seem to go straight to IVF, rather than doing the detective work, Dr. David said, "Some could be lack of knowledge or lack of interest. They have a product to sell, and they sell IVF. Sometimes it's just the impatience of the patient or impatience of the doctor."
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