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Rapid Test to Diagnose Endometriosis

Daily Mail U.K.,  Aug 19, 2009

A painful womb condition affecting two million British women could be diagnosed with almost 100 per cent accuracy by a simple new test. At the moment, many women have to wait up to 11 years for a diagnosis of endometriosis, and undergo surgery with a general anaesthetic. But the new test involves a quick biopsy of the womb lining, taken through the vagina while the patient is awake.

Endometriosis, which can damage the fertility, arises when cells normally found in the womb lining - or endometrium --attach themselves to other parts of the pelvic area, causing scar tissue, pain and inflammation.
Researchers from Australia and Jordan tried the new method on 99 patients. They tested the samples taken for the presence of nerve fibres which predict endometriosis, with almost 100 per cent accuracy. The findings, published in the journal Human Reproduction, still have to be confirmed in further studies
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