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Helping Infertile Women by Donating my Eggs was not an Easy Decision

by Gayle Richie,  Daily Record U.K.,  Aug 31, 2009
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JACKIE BARR'S decision to become an egg donor sparked controversy when she went ahead with the operation last year.

Many people viewed it as a charitable act to help infertile women but for some, including her husband Stephen, the implications were huge.

But despite his objections, mum-of-two Jackie, 29, is determined she will donate again.

"When I did go ahead and donate my eggs, it never felt like I was giving away children and I even felt they were no longer my eggs."

Jackie had 19 eggs extracted at an infertility clinic last September. The main bone of contention between Jackie and her husband was the thought that an army of offspring might come banging on the door in 18 years, wanting to be in their lives or demanding money.

And it wasn't just Stephen who had reservations. Jackie's family and friends were upset too, especially her mum who felt she was somehow giving away her grandkids to strangers.

She said: "Not all of the eggs would have been implanted in women - some will be used for research.
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