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Economic Report: Inbound Medical Tourism in the United States

by David G. Vequist IV and Erika Valdez,  Medical Tourism Magazine,  Aug 4, 2009
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As medical tourism continues to grow, developed nations, such as the United States, see large number of Americans traveling abroad for medical procedures. However, there continues to be a growing interest in inbound medical tourism in the U.S. There are an increasing number of international patient departments in U.S. hospitals marketing to these patients. These hospitals and clinics are offering inbound medical tourism services to patients who come to the U.S. for higher quality than they can receive in their home country, access to procedures that are not available in their country’s healthcare facilities, freedom from long wait times or the rationing of procedures because of national governmental regulations, because of the ability to combine tourism opportunities in the U.S., and/or (believe it or not!) because the price differential- paying for services in cash in the U.S. may be less expensive than in their home country.

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