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Legislation Would Mandate Infertility Coverage in Missouri

by Marshall Griffin,  KBIA,  Dec 28, 2009
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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KBIA) - Proposed legislation in Missouri would require insurance companies to provide coverage for infertility treatments. The bill does not specify how much coverage would be required for infertility treatments. The sponsor, Democratic House Member Steve Hodges from southeastern Missouri, says the treatments are very expensive, ranging from 12 to 20-thousand dollars.
"We spend all kinds of money to try and keep people alive and treat them for their afflictions and everything, and I think getting a welcomed newborn into the world using our monies to assist in that manner is just a it's a very positive thing to do."

Opponents say, though, that mandating such coverage would drive up costs and cause some families to lose all health insurance coverage. The 2010 session begins January 6th.


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I'm HOPING AND PRAYING that this bill will pass not only for ourselves but for many couples out there like us. My husband and I have been trying for 11 years and have not had any success. We DREAM of being able to have a family of our own. We understand that there are so many kids out there to be adopted, but we would like to try everything that we can first before adopting. We have already spent so much out of pocket on infertility and the next step that we need to take is even more expensive. It would be wonderful to have the help of the insurance companies to take some of the financial burden off of us to help make our DREAMS and many others come TRUE!! We really are so THANKFUL that Mr. Hodges is trying everything he can to get this bill to pass. It would be so GREAT to have Missouri be the 16th state to have insurance coverage for infertility.

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