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Court Upholds Blue Cross Limit on Infertility Treatment

by Judy Greenwald,  Business Insurance,  July 17, 2009
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LOS ANGELES—Blue Cross of California complied with state law when it offered only $2,000 in annual coverage for fertility treatments and was not obligated to cover the entire cost, a California appellate court ruled.

At issue in Wednesday’s ruling by the state appellate court in Los Angeles was a renewal package offered by Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based Blue Cross of California to Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Westmont College. The offer included paying a maximum of $2,000 a year for half of the cost of treating a group member for infertility, which complied with a state mandate that obligates insurers to offer infertility coverage, according to the ruling in Deborah Dunn Yeager vs. Blue Cross of California.

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