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Ticking Clock Can Make Sex Stressful Time

by Dr. Sandra R. Scantling,  Hartford Courant,  July 26, 2009
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The angle of the morning sun streams through the bedroom window, illuminating Andy and Trish's cool, naked bodies. They used to like morning sex, lying in one another's arms all warm and cozy. But that was before ...

For more than a year now, ever since they've been trying to get pregnant, sex is just work. The fun is gone. Instead of tenderness, their sexual times are robotic and perfunctory, "doing it" when the thermometer gives them the high sign.

As they cling silently to opposite sides of their king-size bed, both lost in their own thoughts, Trish struggles to hold back the tears: "What's wrong with me, with us. Why can't we do what others do naturally?"

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