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Most Oncologists Fail to Address Fertility Issues with Patients,  June 11, 2009

Researchers conducted a national survey to evaluate knowledge, attitudes, and patterns related to fertility preservation for patients of childbearing age. Of 1,979 oncologists identified, 613 completed the survey. The survey was designed to determine how many oncologists were following the ASCO guidelines for fertility preservation, which suggest that oncologists discuss the risks of infertility and refer all patients of a childbearing age to a fertility-preservation specialist.

Although the majority of oncologists (77%) reported discussing fertility preservation with their patients, less than 25% of oncologists reported referring patients to a specialist for fertility preservation. Only 38% of oncologists reported knowledge of the ASCO guidelines for fertility preservation (recommending referral). Less than 25% of oncologists reported providing patients with educational materials about fertility preservation. The most commonly reported barrier to the discussion of fertility preservation was the perception that a patient was too ill to delay treatment.

You can read more about the study in this article:,news,information,treatment,Fertility,reproduction,fertility%20preservation,infertility


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