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Infertility by the Numbers

by Colleen Mastony,  Chicago Tribune,  June 21, 2009

As of 2006, about 12 percent of women of child-bearing age in the U.S. had used an infertility service, including medical tests to diagnose infertility, treatments to help them become pregnant and services other than routine prenatal care to prevent miscarriage.

--The number of assisted reproductive technology procedures performed in the U.S. more than doubled in the last decade, with 138,198 procedures in 2006, up from 64,036 in 1996.

--The number of children born as a result of such technologies has also increased dramatically, with 54,656 infants born in 2006, up from 20,659 in 1996.

Learn more about the numbers in this article:,0,7805988.story


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